UMass Amherst Class of 2025 Early Action

Hello everyone, I’m starting this discussion for people who applied for early action. Please input your intended major, date of application submitted, and in state or out of state/international. If you don’t mind, you may also input your stats. Thank you and good luck for everyone!

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I submitted my application on October 13th and completed it on October 27th. Applying to Sustainable Food and Farming. International student. Based on last year’s discussion, decisions began coming out at the end of November for international and then throughout December for OOS. Most in-state decisions came out rather late in comparison. They released the decisions by wave every Monday/Tuesday each week.

Hi, I also applied Early Action! I applied for nursing and I believe my application was submitted on November 4. I am in state with a 4.0 UW GPA and a 31 ACT, 32 Super Score. Good luck everyone!

Daughter applied EA for Computer science on October20th. OOS with 97 UW GPA and 36 ACT. Good luck everyone!

Hope someone knows the process by UMASS A
Have a question on EA application status ?

We applied on 10/22 and portal says something to the effect that they won’t review apps unless all items are received, and then it says see below. If all of the items have the green check next to them, we can assume his app is complete, yes? We got email on 10/26 with pin and status page link for the portal.

Asking because he never got an email from admissions saying that his app was complete like or status change from other colleges

What’s the next status will it change to under review and then decision ? What’s the typical timeline ?

@NJcollege2021 My portal says the same thing. I am not sure about the timeline.

@Livvyxoxo thanks for confirming
Good luck to all !

@Ncollege2021 app says the same thing. Do they release results early to some students? I found out that at least two other schools that my DD applied to release early though she hasn’t received any results yet.

Stats 1370 SAT
GPA 3.9 UW/4.7W
Major Biology
10 APS

@CSJA2025 thanks

We got couple of admissions Safety colleges accepted for BS - CS last week
NJIT and Univ of Delaware for my Son

Seems UMAss releases some time Dec-9th onwards as per previous threads here

But I wonder why application status doesn’t change to under review or other status. I would like to know anyone status changed ?

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Daughter applied EA in late Oct. She is in state and has a 4.3 weighted GPA and 1380 SATs. Applied as Bio major. Fingers crossed!


Congratulations on having so many options already. My DD is waiting for her first acceptance and it’s nerve racking.

@CSJA2025 thank you
All the best for you DD ! Don’t worry you have good stats you will get it .

My daughter applied late OCT
4.2 GPA
1470 SAT

Any chance of getting Merit Scholarship

My S applied EA late October.
3.9 UW/4.5W
33 ACT
Computer Science
Fingers crossed to visit MA in spring.
Good luck to everyone!

D applied mid October
4.0 UW/4.6W
36 ACT
Biology or undeclared

I grew up in the area when it was referred to as ZooMass and was not a first choice for most… how things have changed!

EA Applied September 19
4.0 UW/4.63 W
Ranked 11 out of 459
32 ACT
1450 SAT

Does anyone know how hard it is to get classes at UMass? It looks like the graduation rate is very good for a big public school.

My son is there now. He has done okay getting the classes he wants. They tend to offer several sections with different days/times. He hasn’t always been able to get the preferred time slot but could get in to the class (albeit at 8:00 a.m. instead of noon!).


EA Applied November 1; OOS (IL) 3.96 UW; Ranked 13 out of 556; 34 ACT; 1550 SAT (1560 super) - Isenberg - Business/Sports Management.

Wondering if son will get merit aid.

In-state 4.04 Weighted / 34 ACT