UMass Amherst Financial Aid

Could anybody who recently received a substantial scholarship or grant from UMass Amherst please just give a bit of background on their stats/application details? I just want to gauge how likely I would be to receive merit aid there. Thank you all. :slight_smile:

Have you tried running their [Net Price Calculator](

If you need a “substantial scholarship” to be able to afford college, make sure you have some financial safeties lined up. Look at the automatic merit thread pinned to the top of the financial aid forum for guaranteed merit awards. It sounds like you need at least a full tuition award at a school where your parents’ contribution, the federal student loan, and your work earnings can cover the rest.

Out of state student from top Philadelphia area public school with a GPA of 3.5, SAT of 1900, ACT 28. Got $8k to go in the fall…

OOS 3.84 unweighted. 1970 SAT 12k for EA last year

@newenglander29 Are you instate? UMass is one of the most expensive for instate students. They are not great with aid. What is your EFC? Major? New England is difficult for low cost options. What school is commutable for you?

Update: I was accepted into UMass Amherst (Honors College) for engineering. My acceptance letter included a $2k Dean’s Scholarship. This was a bit disappointing, since I probably cannot attend without some more aid.

@newenglander29 What is your financial safety? Did you apply to UMass Lowell?

My financial safeties will likely end up being UMass Lowell, St. Michael’s College in Vermont, and Westfield State. I might also apply to Alabama for National Merit purposes. I have not applied to any of these schools yet.

@newenglander29 You have a very tight timeline. For UMass Lowell you might have needed to apply EA. University of Alabama is too late but look at University of Alabama Huntsville, University of Texas Dallas. Run the NPC net price calculator on St. Michaels and Westfield to see your expected final price.

I believe if this student is a NMF, it is not too late to apply to UA

^ UMass Lowell has a free ride possibility for top students.

So this student got $2K for NMF and a 2240 SAT? At UMass? Oy. No wonder why they go out of state.

2k is the typical instate good student award. They have record breaking applications this year. I don’t know much about this school but apparently a free ride is available for NM scholars at NJIT. @ newenglander29


If this kiddo is NMF, is it too late to apply to 'Bama for their auto merit aid awards?