UMass Amherst Nursing?

Hey everyone! I applied to UMass Amherst nursing RD and am waiting to hear back. I was wondering why the program is so selective there (12% acceptance rate with ~64 seats)?? I toured their nursing school over the summer and liked the campus & sim labs, but a lot of their clinical placements are out in western Mass.

I was accepted to UMass Boston nursing and they have clinicals in great hospitals like Boston Children’s, Mass General, etc. and I don’t know which one would be the better choice (assuming I get into Amherst- fingers crossed!) I hope to work in Boston after I graduate, and I feel like UMass Boston gives me a better shot at that because of clinical locations… I guess my main question is, what makes UMass Amherst nursing stand out?? Any thoughts/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

The reason that UMass Amherst only accepts 64 students is that they can not offer clinical rotations to more students as the area lacks major hospitals. What makes them stand out is that they are part of the flagship university and the overall experience a student has is different. I do not want to talk in absolutes as I respect all Umass campuses but being part of the flagship “might” offer advantages as better quality of electives, more choice of on campus clubs and organizations, more money for research etc etc. Perhaps a few more academic opportunities. A lot of high performing high school students like to be part of the flagship for the overall academic/college experience so Umass Amherst nursing has a great group of students. However, when it comes strictly to nursing and clinical rotations I personally did not find any advantage.
If you are accepted just visit during accepted days and see for yourself. Talk to the other students and talk to the teacher etc. Get a feel of how it is to be a student there. Do the same at Umass Boston.

@am9799 thank you! I like UMass Amherst’s campus and student life the most out of all my schools, the only downside for me is the clinical locations. I heard that their students can choose to do a senior internship in Boston so that’s a plus (though it’s a lot of driving). I’ll definitely go to both admitted student days if I’m accepted.

With your stats didn’t you get a full tuition award from Umass Boston?
Did you apply to Umass Lowell as well?

Yes, I got the full scholarship (not including room/board I think) from Umass Boston but didn’t apply to UML. My family is fine paying for Umass Amherst if I do get in but tuition is still a consideration.

My daughter was accepted to umass amherst (not nursing) and accepted to umass boston nursing. Is going to both accepted student days and a couple of other colleges where she was also accepted to their nursing programs. She is weighing the overall college experience she believes she wants (umass amherst) vs the less expensive, career specific umass boston nursing program. I am from Boston and the campus has changed so much and although a commuter college primarily there are now residential dorms as well as plenty of off - campus housing and the campus is so beautiful and close to EVERYTHING, specifically Boston hospitals. Tough decision.