UMass Amherst Spring 2021

Hi! I just applied as a first-year student to UMass Amherst for the spring semester. Does anyone know when spring decisions (transfer and/or first-year) will come out? Or when they have come out in the past?

I’m wondering about the same thing. I completed my application 1-Oct When I ringed them back in August, they said late October till the end of November.

That’s not soon enough :’( I just wanna knowww

I heard back and I got in! I applied as a transfer student for spring 2021!

Wow congrats! When did you apply…

@sunflowerplanet I applied Sept 30, I heard back quite earlier than I expected!

Anyone else has any update? I applied on Oct 6 and still waiting.

@MrQuiz I haven’t heard yet either. I applied on the 1st but sent a gap explanation on the 13th because I didn’t know I had to do that at first. So maybe that is holding things up a bit.

I just heard back and got in. Hopefully you guys will hear back soon!

I received my financial aid packet and I’m not happy. The current school I’m attending awarded me 50K and Umass only awarded me with 7k very disappointed :confused:

I heard back this morning about my transfer application and was accepted to the College of Engineering. Amherst requested a Gap explanation from me as well and I submitted it 10/14. I hope you hear back soon!

I still haven’t heard back from them and I submitted my application on September 10. I just wanna know already!

Just heard back today!

Just heard! About time…Now it’s time to decide if living on campus is worth $8k…aaaaaaaah…this sucks :frowning:

hey! do you mind if I ask what your stats were? I am interested in transferring after one semester at another university and I know that your application is mostly dependent on your high school transcript. are the gpa demands still the same as a first year regular applicant because it’s usually pretty competitive. also, did you send in your first semester college grades since I assume they’d probably want to see those