UMass Amherst Transfer Admissions

Hello, I am putting in a transfer application for UMass Amherst Fall 2020. I have around a 2.7 GPA in Electrical Engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology as a junior, and I’m trying to enter into Environmental Engineering.

I’m involved with the IEEE and Astronomy clubs at WIT, have completed a minor in physics, and have done academic research related to Exoplanet discovery. I am a junior at Wentworth, so I don’t think my SAT or high school grades matter much, but I scored high on my SAT’s and did decent in high school.

Do you think I have a chance of getting in? My GPA is only so low because of the Electrical Engineering classes, with my general engineering and math classes all being B’s or above.

Thanks for any help you provide.

@Jworks2517 why would you want to transfer for your last year? My guess is that you will not receive one for one credit and won’t be able to graduate on time.

Hello! I have been admitted as a transfer student in the journalism program. I am wondering what the best way is to meet people before coming to campus? I think they put me as a sophomore almost a junior based on my transfer credits. I don’t want to post any personal information on here but if you see this post and have a similar major, feel free to message me! :slight_smile: