UMass Amherst Transfer Fall 2020

Figured I would start a discussion page for people interested or applying to Umass for fall 2020 as a transfer.

Trying to transfer for fall 2020 also. What major did you apply for?

I applied for finance (Isenberg) as my first choice and accounting as a second choice (also Isenberg). How about you?

I applied in early February for Marketing as my first choice and Econ as my second choice. I feel good about my stats overall but am definitely still nervous about trying to get into Isenberg.

I’m out-of-state, currently at a small liberal arts college. 1420 SAT score. Applied with a 3.19 GPA on Feb 15, and I found out on Feb 27 that I got in!! So that’s cool!! I applied for English btw

Congrats! Apparently they just started sending out acceptances a few days ago, so you’re lucky you already heard back. Did they ask for mid-term grades or anything after you submitted your application?

I’m in state, and found out I got in yesterday too! They didn’t ask me for any mid-term grades, but I did switch my major choice to one outside of Isenberg since I realized I didn’t have all the required freshman classes because my school doesn’t offer them til sophomore year.

Just found out I was accepted as a Political Science major yesterday! I’m currently a freshmen and would be an in-state student. I have a 3.38 college GPA from my first semester (3.2 high school GPA) and an SAT score of 1210.

So I just got accepted today to the College of Engineering! Had a 3.71 GPA from Bunker Hill CC.

I was accepted a few weeks ago as a Physics major. I am a current sophomore with a 3.5 GPA from a well ranked private school (think Tulane, BU, Northeastern). I applied two years ago EA and was also accepted then.

i got in as well, in-state with a 3.8 so I’m not super shocked but still excited as I also got a full ride, communications for me!

wait, really? I didn’t get into umass this year as a freshman out of highschool but I had hopes of transferring. I saw this video from admissions saying they look for a 3.7 hs gpa if you’re a first semester freshman which was really discouraging because I will have a 3.3 or 3.4 gpa by the time I graduate.