UMass Amherst Transfer Student Concerns

I decided to transfer to UMass after my first year of college. I previously attended at top public university in California and didn’t like the atmosphere or how far away from home it was. I think UMass is beautiful and offers a lot of opportunities, but I’m worried that I’m throwing away an incredible opportunity. I didn’t get in to the CHC so I would have to apply and hope I can get admitted. My parents are not happy about UMass and seem almost ashamed that I’ve decided to transfer there. Does UMass offer good job opportunities after graduation? What is its reputation among Massachusetts employers?

It’s a very good school and you’ll have solid job opportunities when you graduate. Of course, as with any college, it’s important that you gain career related work experience while you study, including internships, so you make yourself employable.

UMass suffers a bit in reputation within Mass because it’s overshadowed by the powerhouse schools there, such as Harvard and etc. Older people also sometimes still see it as a “party school”, which it hasn’t been since the 1970s. With that said, Mass employers hire out of UMass Amherst, this is not an issue - it’s a significant school re: placing students in jobs in Mass and throughout the northeast. For example, the companies I worked for in Mass hired out of UMass Amherst, including recruiting on campus there. Their careers office and internships office are top notch. Their location means they place students from NYC to Boston and beyond. Employability is not a concern, IMO.