UMass Amherst v. University of Maryland

Would really appreciate insight on UMass Amherst v. University of Maryland for Animal Science/Pre-Vet.

Would the student be interested in applying to Tufts DVM as a sophomore

Or being an animal science major via UMD College of Ag and Dept of Animal and Avian Science?

“… {UMD}In fact, the Chronicle of Higher Education ranked the department in the top 10 for faculty productivity. Outside the classroom, our location affords students with amazing internships at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the National Institutes of Health, the National Zoo and National Aquarium as well as other leading agricultural and animal science organizations. Our students obtain hands-on experience starting in their first semester through our unique campus farm where students can work with domestic animals. ”

Because of its rural location, the UMass Equine & Livestock Research Farm, is nearby the main campus. In contrast, the Central Maryland Research & Education Center with both the Dairy and Equine Units are bout 25 miles from campus. I would think that the more consolidated location of facilities would present certain advantages for UMass.


she doesn’t know

There is a campus barn at UMD. A popular class is sheep management.

“ The Dairy Barn is actually our multi-species, multi-use barn. It is used to house pigs, sheep, quarantined horses, beef steers, and, of course, dairy cattle. There are tie-stalls with a milking system that allows lactating dairy cattle brought in from our off-campus Dairy in Clarksville, MD to be used during hands-on milking laboratories. The barn features an outdoor livestock ring that serves to house and handle livestock. The livestock ring is also where pigs, lambs, dairy heifers, and beef steers are shown on Ag Day in front of thousands of visitors to our campus.”

Yes, but the research farm is 25 miles away.

Yes, thank you. Noting the availability of rural ag research setting at UMASS Amherst is a good point. UMD’s Animal Science program is based in its continually urbanizing College Park campus.
A light rail construction project has dragged on since 2015 and now is projected to be completed in 2026.

IMO, The student should note UMD’s strengths in animal and avian science, its Ag Extension program, its proximity to USDA for internships, and also consider its urban setting.

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