UMass Amherst versus WPI

I’m deciding between UMass Amherst and WPI. UMass Amherst would be $32000, and WPI would be $42,000 (after scholarship). I am planning to double-major (first major- Biochemistry, second major- Public Health (for Amherst) Bio/Biotech (for WPI)), and I will be on the pre-med track.

  1. Which college is better for pre-med?
  2. Are they equally difficult in getting a good GPA?
  3. Which one has better research and volunteering opportunities?

Or, just in general, which one would you recommend?

Thank you so much for your help! Every time I think I am leaning towards one, I think about an advantage of the other one and then I’m back to square one.

WPI has an amazing partnership for biomedical engineering with UMASS Medical school and UMASS Memorial Health care in the city. It is a small and focused program and kind of a well kept secret. I would check it out.

The UMass Hospital and Medical School are only about three miles from WPI and they have a long standing research interface with WPI in medical and biomedical research. It dates back to the early 70’s.

@greatestfly - where did you end up? My daughter is a rising sophomore bio/bio tech major at WPI and has friend at UMASS in bio. program