UMass Amherst vs UCONN vs BU vs WPI vs RIT vs University of Wisconsin-Madison vs Case Western

So yeah, those schools up top.

I got into the Honors Program at UCONN.

UMass Amherst is the cheapest for me. And so, for the first year, if:
UMass Amherst costed X dollars, then:

UCONN would be like X+8000 (maybe a little more)
BU would be like X+13,000
WPI I don’t know but it’s probably at least X+10000
RIT is like between X+9000 and X+10000
Wisconsin Madison is like X+18000
Case is like between X+9000 and X+10000

I’ll most likely be doing Engineering (most likely Mechanical)

In the end, I understand that each person has different views, so I’ll end up making a decision as to what I think is important to me. But, I want to hear what others think. I feel like there might be a lot about these schools that I don’t know about it.

Thanks, if you need more info just let me know.


Which do you like? UMass is better than UConn for engineering. Are sure WPI will be that cheap?

I’d choose either WPI or UMass. I really like smaller schools because it allows for small class sizes and more interaction with professors. I think that all your schools are great! Congrats on your acceptances! Where do you see yourself most at home?

I mean, for the time being, I would like to go to UMass (mostly because of price, location, food). But I do think that UConn is worth thinking of (haven’t visited it yet). I actually don’'t think WPI is going to be cheap (mainly because it’s a private school and so there isn’t like a ton of money that they could give me anyways to begin with). In the end, I don’t know if getting into UConn’s Honor Program for the first semester of college is anything good or not, or whether or not there are other opportunities at other colleges that I should be happy about.

Like, I imagine UMass is a good school, and I do like it. Now, in essence, I’m trying to see if that’s really worth changing

And thanks to you both

I would go to UMass in this case, unless your family has big bucks on the table. UMass’s engineering program is somwhat more selective than UConn’s and is about on par with WPI’s program. (WPI has a 10 point higher average engineering SAT score but obviously this is a very small margin) Lastly, did you get into the honors college at UMass? They have been getting picky this year since the school got 5K+ more applicants than they expected.

Hello, I’m considering WPI, BU, and Uconn as well, with Uconn and BU as my top choices. They gave me similar financial aid and only has to pay about 8000 - 10000 for both per year. Also got into Uconn Honors and majoring in biomed engineering. So far I’ve heard that Uconn campus has a community, it gives you a campus, but BU gives you the city but no campus and larger classes, plus no “honors” however valuable it is. Please let me know what you chose and your reasons for each! Thanks so much and hope you can help out! Any help from other commenters will be greatly appreciated.

Of your target schools, U of Connecticut’s Engineering School is the least vigorous. Not that Connecticut is weak, but the reputations of the other engineering schools are more substantial. Boston University’s mechanical engineering department is probably closest to that of Connecticut.

There are very good reasons to accept the offer from UMass-Amhert.