UMass Amherst vs. UMass Lowell Engineering

<p>So I'm having some trouble choosing between the two campuses. Both, I have heard, are fantastic engineering schools but since I live in Lowell it seems like everyone's goal is to convince everyone else to go to UML. I've visited both campuses (taking some classes at UML) and like Amherst a lot more. Cost wise, if I go to Amherst I'll live on campus but if I go to Lowell I may just live at home and spend less money. </p>

<p>To wrap things up, I'd be happy with going to either place but I just want to make the best choice for me. Let's consider UML as the economic choice and Amherst as where I'd like to go more. Thanks! </p>

<p>They are both really good engineering programs. I think the decision is on cost. If you want to save the $$ go to Lowell. If you want to live in the dorms and get the full college experience go to Amherst. I know there are kids from Lowell that go to UML and live on campus. That may be a possibility for you depending on what kind of money you will have to spend. It may be a happy medium to go to Lowell, live on campus & save some dough.</p>