Umass Amherst vs University of Washington, Seattle vs Uni of Minnesota

<p>Dear Members,
I have an inquiry and it would be very appreciated if you were to provide insightful tips and advice.
My question is: I have been admitted to three schools, Umass Amherst, University of Washington, Seattle and the University of Minnesota, twin cities.<br>
My main major of interest, and to which I was admitted, is Computer Engineering, I am a transfer student, but this point doesnt matter that much since all three schools offered to transfer the credits, as for finances and tuition fees, I have a governmental scholarship from my country, im an international student, which covers all tuition, so finances arent any concern of mine. What school would you suggest i go to? as I it is well known, all three schools offer great educational quality, but i would like to know which is superior, I have read the US news rankings, but I would like to base my judgement on more than just rankings or reports, actual students attending any of the three universities would be exceptionally helpful, but any experienced member is always welcome and appreciated to post.
Thanks for your help and time in advance.</p>

<p>UW and UMinn are both strong with UW closer to more software and Uminn hardware firms. Otherwise schools are very similar in location, quality etc.</p>

<p>No brainer. UW. Plus its better sports and for stuff to do outside of school Western Washington is simply unbeatable.</p>

<p>Thanks for your helpful suggestions.
Any more tips and insights are very appreciated.</p>

<p>The biggest difference is in the climate. In Mass. and Minn. you will be facing very cold winters, Seattle has a mild maritime climate with a lot of grey, drizzle/rain days, but not very cold.</p>

<p>9 mos of drizzle and 35-50 degrees can feel worse than a few really cold months--trust me on that.</p>

<p>I know nothing about the relative merits of their computer engineering departments, but on the basis of general reputation I would rank them 1: UW, 2:UMinn, 3:UMass, with the first two being very close and U Mass trailing significantly. On the basis of quality of life and general opportunities outside school, I'd put them in the same order, but this time UW has a bigger lead. (I love cold weather, so that has nothing to do with it for me.)</p>

<p>Seattle is very nice in the summer though.</p>

<p>Yes, all six to eight weeks of it. It came around 7/10 this year and we'll see how long it stays.</p>

<p>Thanks for the tips guys, its appreciated.</p>