UMass chance me?


major- computer science
minor- bio-medical engineering

Gender- Female

GPA - 3.9 uw 4.4 w
SAT - 560 CR, 570 M, 580 W (taking it again)

All the classes at my school are honors
sophmore- one class at the university of Hartford.
junior- ECE english ( ECE is just like AP).
senior- 1 ECE class and 1 class at university of Hartford this year. hopefully 2 next semester

My problem is that everyone takes the honor courses in my school (like they don’t have a choice). Would this hurt me since colleges look at me in comparative to the people in my own school???

-Stage manager for the Fashion/Talent show ( 3 years including this year if all goes well)
-Yearbook (2 years)
-book club (1 year)
-dance (outside of school 3 years)
-volunteered around 80 hours

I got the calculus my junior year.
I am being published at the moment. It is still in the process but should be finished by the end of this month or next. However, a lot of other people also got published from my school so i don’t know if this will actually help me.

Recommendations: i have 3 recommendations.

I’d say your GPA will help you immensely; it is way above the average. Your SAT on the other hand is a bit lower than the average at uMass (I’m assuming this is Amherst). Remember, if this is your top choice, then you should mainly focus on the CR and Math sections because UMass does not check your writing score.

yes im applying to Amherst. and i am out of state. does that make difference? @Teleport

Yes it makes a difference. The Umass system is required to accept a certain amount of people from their own state… You have a great gpa, and I’m not sure if you’re considering the Honors Program, but if you are you should improve your SAT score

i am considering the honors program but i’m fine if i don’t get in