UMass Dartmouth Chances?

<p>Yes, I know this is the Amherst forum, but there isn't one for UMD. </p>

<p>So. Due to really awful family stuff, college stuff didn't work out as planned. As a fluke, I applied to Umass Dartmouth 2 weeks ago since I called and they had spots AND housing available. Like, lucky break.</p>

<p>My application for Anthropology - option SOC has been received and I'm praying they decide soon since classes start in 3 weeks. I was rejected from UMass Amherst, and I'm just wondering if this should be any easier?</p>

<p>1960 SAT
700 Reading
660 Writing
600 Math</p>

<p>Decent essay, always been a good writer.
Decent recommendation letter written by music director, to whom I was close. </p>

<p>Included activity resume (wasn't asked for):
Music Librarian (officer)
Alto Section Leader (officer)
French Club Tresurer (officer) - French Club 4 years
Concert Choir 3 years
Women's Choir 4 years
Renaissance Choir 2 years
Drama Club (Tech & Acting) 1.5 years
Church Drama 4 years
JV Softball 2 years
2 part-time jobs (over 2 years' time)</p>

<p>3.3/3.4-ish GPA on 4.6 scale
2 APs (English Lit - B final; Bio - C final)
Tons of Honors English/ Sciences
3 years of Honors French
Honors Anthropology (my proposed major) + Social Studies Department Distinction</p>

<p>So... thoughts? Hoping on a miracle. I'm honestly a lot more average than I look on paper.</p>