UMASS Engineering or WNEU Engineering?

I have to make a decision in a few days and I am completely lost. I got accepted to both of the mentioned engineering programs. On one hand, western new England would cost around 12k less a year, smaller class sizes, opportunities for undergraduate research. However, UMASS is a much larger school that could bring more opportunities in terms of internships and getting into a competitive graduate program. It is also worth mentioning that I got into the Common Wealth Honors College at UMASS and the honors engineering program at WNEU. My decision to go to one of these schools will be based solely on my academic benefit. Where do you guys think I should go?

Did you visit both campuses? If you prefer the small size of WNEU, combined with the $12k savings. it’s worth careful consideration. Otherwise, UMass would be stronger academically, and with acceptance into Honors College, you should have good opportunities for undergrad research. Make sure you got direct admittance to your desired major.

UMass. Especially if you are a Commonwealth Scholar. Good luck.