UMass vs Maryland spring admit

<p>I need help deciding. I am OOS for bot hand i got into the engineering for UMass with about 8k off per yr. If i go to UMD, i will apply to either business or rngineering and if i dont get in, just 'settle' for comp sci.</p>

<p>I know UMD is ranks overall significantly better, but does it really matter for undergrad?</p>

<p>Wish there was an answer to this question but I don't think there is.Everyone you talk to has a different view on the subject.</p>

<p>D is deciding between UMass and UConn and is OOS for both. She was offered 5K at UMass per year, felt she would fit in well there but is very concerned about ranking.</p>

<p>We are attending admitted students days at both this week and hopefully will come to a decision after. Time is running out.</p>

<p>My best friend scot is in the EXACT same position as your D. He is choosing between Uconn and UMass and got offered the 5k per year at UMass. He also got into the engineering program at both. I think his parents are leaning towards UConn for him tho. Good luck with your decision!</p>

<p>Were you offered 'Freshman Connections' in the Spring or did Maryland accept you for Spring with housing and full choice of classes ? </p>

<p>Would hate to see my kid "settle" on a major.</p>

<p>Just my thoughts. Good luck to you too !</p>

<p>i was offered FC so its not bad, but i am also offered housing in spring too if i wanted. UMD also has a great comp sci program as well which id not LEP so worse comes to worst and i dont get into engineering, ill study comp sci which is something id enjoy as well</p>