UMBC 2022 thread

My friend checked his umbc account and he was accepted, I checked mine and there was no acceptance or rejection, just a notification that the application was complete. Has anyone else gotten their decisions?

I have the same problem. I checked everything to make sure info is correct, and it is. Some others are also experiencing this. I am sure it will come out by late tomorrow.

My D got accepted.

I have the same problem it just says complete for me. Does anyone know why or when it would be out?

same!! it has been worrying me a lot since the people who got accepted are really smart but my friend and i whose just say completed are a little below those people. i hope it doesn’t mean we are rejected tho :confused:

My DD got her envelope today. We we’re surprised as we didn’t know UMBC was releasing results. My DD has pretty high stats.

update: deferred :frowning:

Acceptances, rejections, and deferrals have gone out. I also have some students whose status still says “complete” and they are waiting.

If all of your materials were in by Nov. 1st I would suggest giving them a call and asking if a decision has been made. Good luck!

D got her acceptance in the mail last Saturday and merit scholarship letter in the mail today. 10k OOS, 34 ACT, 93/100 GPA. Was hoping for a little better award.

UMBC is in my son’s top three and with the merit they offered it’s financially very appealing. The issue is he wants Electrical Engineering which they don’t offer as a BS. Any opinions on if he does Computer Enginnering if it’s a deal breaker for his career path? He is unsure what he wants to be when he grows up but his favorite high school class was digital electronics where they designed, modeled and created circuitry.

For those who applied RD, did you get a portal login? I never got one but recently got my acceptance packet in the mail. The only information I have is my UID they gave me, but I’m not sure how to access the portal/make a myUMBC account. Any suggestions?

I never got a portal either.