UMBC acceptance

I run cross country and track and received multiple letters regarding their interest in me.
GPA: 3.34
SAT: 1260 (Plan on retaking the SAT in October with a goal of 1300+)
200+ volunteering hours


I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news on your first post. :slight_smile: Stats are low for UMBC, even if you tested over 1300 on your SAT. The average GPA is about 3.7 and the average SAT is around 1350. The acceptance rate was 59% last year, so if your stats are in the average range, you would still have a 41% chance of being declined.

Thanks for an honest response. I am certain my gpa will definitely go up considering that I am retaking two classes I recieved a C in. And with probable good grades my first semester, I could propel my 3.34 to 3.45 at least.

If you are being recruited for cross country and track, that will make you much more competitive.

What about me 3.7 weighted and 1320 sat