UMBC chance (High GPA but low SAT)

<p>Just as the title says, I have a 3.85 weighted GPA which is pretty good, and a low sat score of 1410(420 reading, 470 math, and 520 writing). I have taken three extracurriculars (literary magazine, web club, and robotics) which I spend a good amount of time on, and I have won a a few awards honor roll(I don't think it's a big deal) and then an award in computer science. Lastly, I am getting a great recommendation from the teacher who nominated me for the computer science award, and I guess a good essay. I'm trying to get in as an in-state African-American student who is planning on majoring in software engineering. What are my chances of getting into UMBC? Are they high/low or impossible? What can I do to improve my chances other than re-taking the SAT and bringing up my GPA because I'm trying to get in my application before NOV 1 for early action. Will the essay make a big difference?</p>

<p>Low Match for you</p>

<p>Really? Why?</p>