UMBC Computer Science - Class Sizes?

My D is considering transferring to UMBC in the fall, majoring in Computer Science. Can anyone tell me about the program? In particular, the typical size for CS classes. Do TAs do some/most/all of the teaching? Do the professors and TAs have a good command of the English language? Thank you!

I’m also wondering about CS at UMBC. Did your son end up transferring there, @RookieCollegeMom ?

@Genevieve18 - my child will be starting there next year so I have no insights to share just yet!

Thanks for replying! Hope he loves it.

I have colleagues that adjunct for UMBC’s computer science department and a son who is a computer science major there.

The department is well-respected and their graduates get jobs. Computer science is the most popular major at UMBC. Getting classes can be difficult. Students need to be flexible.

Class size for upper level classes is capped at 40. Waiting lists are common. There are no “overrides”. Upper level classes are taught by professors with TAs used as graders and extra office hour help. It is possible if a professor has a planned absence that the TA will teach the class.

Can’t speak to lower level classes because my son is also a transfer who completed all his lower level classes elsewhere.

There are professors who speak English as a second language. They all have good command of the English language, but difficulty in understanding accents varies. My son reports that he has not had any trouble, but some of his classmates (in the same class) have. I, too, have found at conferences that I can follow some accents better than others. It’s a personal thing.

Let me know if you have other questions. I am happy to ask my son and colleagues on your behalf.

Thank you @Cellomom98 - great info!