UMBC Meyerhoff Scholars

I’m a junior in high school and I really want to get into the Meyerhoff Scholars Program at UMBC. I have a unweighted gpa of 3.67 and weighted gpa of 4.4. My SAT score is 650 Reading/Writing and 770 Math. Can I get accepted into this program? Are there any other good programs and colleges for Pre med/Biology that I can get into?

Your stats look great! If you have interesting extracurricular or other experiences like travel abroad, research experience or leadership roles, be sure to talk about them in your Meyerhoff application. You must apply EA to UMBC and then complete your Meyerhoff application before the Dec 1 (I think) deadline. If you make the cutoff, you’ll go to selection weekend in Feb or March.

It wouldn’t hurt to make sure that your counselor has good, thorough information about you so he or she can write an outstanding reference letter for you, too.

It’s a great program that’ll open lots of doors for you and offer you unique access to educational, research and professional resources. And the scholarship money is the icing on the cake. Good luck!