UMBC or Community College?

So I got into umbc honors, but I’m not sure whether to go there versus my local community college, because either way I plan to transfer later. I looked into the transfer process at my community college to umd and other institutions and it seems very convoluted which is sort of frightening to me. I really don’t want to graduate or start school at a later date than my friends, for a variety of reasons. My dad wants me to stay at home because he’s afraid my health situation isn’t stable yet, but umbc seems to have a lot of good internships I’m afraid are unattainable at my community college, as well as less credit transfer convolution. Attendance price isn’t really a factor fortunately, because I’m both in state and have a scholarship to bc. I also plan to take act, sat, and subject tests again someday. Just wanted thoughts

Kind of comparing apples and oranges. UMBC is a rigorous 4 year university with all that entails. Community College is an entirely different experience. One thing to keep in mind is that you will have to transfer if you start at a CC. If you start at UMBC, you may find it suits you just fine and decide to stay there. It has a lot to offer. Another option might be to a ask UMBC if you can defer to January, and take some time in the fall to assess whatever health needs you have and also earn a few credits at a CC. UMBC also has winter term classes, summer classes, and online classes. It is not hard to make up a few credits here and there if you needed to catch up. Good luck!