UMBC To Be Featured on 60 Minutes on Nov 13

<p>The Univ of MD Baltimore County (UMBC) will be featured on 60 Minutes on November 13. It will focus on the university's culture of innovation and achievement, especially for students studying science, technology, engineering and math. UMBC is the #1 Up and Coming University for the third year in a row. US News also ranks UMBC **fourth on the list of top national universities “where the faculty has an unusual commitment to undergraduate teaching.” **UMBC is tied with Yale and ranks just ahead of Brown and Stanford.</p>

<p>UMBC's President, Freeman A. Hrabowski, is an inspirational man. It's no surprise his university is doing so well. I'll be watching!</p>

<p>Dr. Hrabowski is absolutely amazing! He has won numerous accolades:</p>

<p>Time Magazine Top 10 College Presidents
US News One of America's Best Leaders
Carnegie Corporation Academic Leadership Award
TIAA-CREF Theodore M. Hesburgh Award for Leadership Excellence
McGraw Prize in Education
US Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Math & Engineering Mentoring</p>

<p>plus many more!</p>

<p>He was on Obama's short list for Secretary of Education.</p>

<p>umd.. i'd love to watch..would you mind bumping this on the 13th so i dont forget,thanks</p>

<p>I've met Mr. Hrabowski twice in a social setting. He made such a good impression on me that I'm not surprised to read here what a great administrator he is. :)</p>

<p>The first time I heard of UMBC was during scholastic chess tournaments some ten years ago. At that time they, and a university in Texas, were the heavyweights in recruiting high schoolers who were strong in chess. I wonder if UMBC still has that focus, and if it played any role in their strengths.</p>

<p>umbc still has a great chess team and gives chess scholarships too..their undergrad research opportunities are terrific</p>

<p>I guess my posting would probably have received a larger response if the college had been an Ivy or elite college.</p>

<p>I'm hoping that the feature on 60 Minutes will give UMBC some much deserved recognition.</p>

<p>My D applied and was accepted here. I was very impressed with everything about the school and thought my D was going to attend. I am not surprised that the school and the president are receiving excellent press. Maybe he will become the Penn State president. They could use him.</p>

<p>:) umdclass80</p>