UMCP Honors vs. UMichigan for Engineering?

<p>Got accepted in the engineering schools at both UMCP and UMichigan (along with Lehigh and Pitt) and got into the honors program at UMCP. Have narrowed it down to UMCP and Michigan. As an instate, the money difference is rather large, but I am aware that Michigan is ranked higher in engineering. Any thoughts?</p>

<p>I don't think it's ranked significantly higher.</p>

<p>Engineering is one of UMCP's most respected majors, and prospective employers think very highly of graduates. It is also a very challenging program, and recognized as such. The DC metro area (+ Baltimore) is also a huge built-up hub for engineering internships, jobs, and recruiting, and personally I think much more awesome than the Ann Arbor-Detroit hub in terms of "after graduation living." That said, I am sure there are plenty of opportunities at UMich, too, so that probably shouldn't be a huge factor, either. </p>

<p>Honors is a nice bonus, though I do not think it is the major factor in the decision - to me, the fact that Maryland is probably half the price yet still hugely respected in the field of engineering and still in a great location for fun (and work) is what really sells the place. If you have various CORE classes to take, though, honors are small seminar-based classes that are challenging (+ involve a lot of writing - is that a pro or con to you haha?) and save you from the torture that are large introductory classes filled with unmotivated poos. If that sounds very appealing to you then maybe it would be a bigger sway. To me, it didn't matter much, since I placed out of almost all of my CORE classes with AP credit...</p>

<p>Thanks for the perspective, especially on the seminar-based classes. Am taking 5 AP tests in May, so we'll see how many of those CORE class I will have to take.</p>

<p>^Yeah, probably not too many, especially if you took AP tests your junior year, as well.</p>

<p>But I suppose just for those who are love of learning types, even if they don't fulfill requirements they could still be great classes to take, and they do usher you into close relationships with profs who are big names/experts in their field. Some honors seminars do have an engineering tilt and are therefore taught by big names that would be useful to you...for example, last semester there was an aerospace history class...etc. I believe there are frequently seminars on green design/engineering...</p>

<p>It's what you make of 'em. You could use them just to fulfill CORE or you could really try to network etc.</p>

<p>My S has a similar decision to make (UMich, Lehigh, Villanova & UMD-Honors)! </p>

<p>He attended accepted students' day on Friday and was very impressed with UMD's Honors program & the engineering school. My H felt there was great energy and that the univ. & engineering in particular have an "up & Coming" attitude. My S likes that UMD has a compact campus given its size (vs. UMich where engineering is a bus ride from the main campus) and liked how Honors gives you a smaller college feel. (And, yes, there is that great merit $$ he has been offered.) What did you think of Lehigh?</p>

<p>Ely - Lehigh is great. The campus is beautiful although on the side of a hill - you would get a lot of exercise going back and forth to dorms. Was very impressed with the feel of the campus as I walked around. Lots of smiles and energy.<br>
I got great merit $$ from UMCP as well and the concept of Honors giving it a smaller college feel, as you describe it, is something to consider. Thanks!</p>