UMD chance me! Please help!!

Hi!! My name is Jonathan, I recently applied to UMD CP for early action under their Secondary Education, Social Studies major. This as of now is the top school I applied to! Here are my stats (UMD is a REACHHH school for me).

Hispanic, only one person in my family has ever gone to college
3.607 wGPA (basically all honors and one ap)
Ap Bio: 3
I didn’t send scores (because my ACT was a 22, never got the chance to retake).
Captain of varsity cheer team, track & field regionalist (10), varsity tennis (9), Gay-Straight Alliance
My essay was about coming out as gay and I think it was a really strong essay, I poured literally everything into it and it was like the 5th essay I wrote.
And I’m in a tech school to become a Certified Nursing Assistant

Yes I know I don’t have the highest chances, but I’m going to drive myself mad till Feb 1 (the day their website says EA decisions come out). Someone please chance me and if anyone got into UMD with similar stats please lmk!