UMD checklist slow to fill in?

My son applied to UMD. He keeps checking the application portal but it still says that one item from his school has not been received. His GC assured him all materials have been sent, but only one of the two from the school appears as having been received. It took about two weeks for any of the items to show as received - is it just slow there to process incoming paperwork or could it have been lost? Anyone else with this situation at UMD?

@momof21 - The following UMD link says that it can take up to 2 weeks for submitted items to appear

@mom21 You could also try to contact Danielle Audley on twitter or instagram. She is the Coordinator of College Recruitment.

Will have him check the dates & contact if needed. Thank you very much for your assistance.

I had this same problem with my son when he applied in 2017. He called several times before everything showed up on his checklist. My daughter applied last night, I was hoping we wouldn’t have the same issue, but it seems that it is a slow go!

@H0llyw00d - our guidance councilor had to resend one item. She originally sent a packet with everything and they marked all but one item as received. We thought it just might be slow, waited two weeks, but still not marked as received so son explained the situation to his GC and once she resent that item. UMD marked it as received and the application complete within just a few hours of it being resent. With the deadlines approaching, definitely consider that items might get lost/missed in the process!
Best of luck to your daughter!

@momof21 Thank you! And the same to your son!

My daughter checked her portal yesterday after applying on Sunday, and everything was received except for her ACT scores (because we sent them today).

Fingers crossed that by the time our Class of '21 students are off to school, the new normal will be better than it is right now!

If anyone applied via the Common App, how long did it take to get the email from UMD to set up your portal account after you submitted?

For my D21, it was the following day. Everything showed up pretty quickly; however, it took them a week to get her ACT grade.

Definitely follow up with the AO if something is missing. My son’s ACT couldn’t be found at first and we followed up with her and she let us know when they had it. We wanted to be sure everything was there by the 11/1 deadline.