UMD Class of 2025 - Banneker/Key and other scholarships

My son got the B/K invite; he’a OOS , CS major.

Do you have to apply for financial aid to be eligible for the Banneker Key?

No, everyone that is accepted is eligible.

You have to be admitted to the Honors College to be eligible.

Does UMD offer any scholarship for indicating as first choice for national merit finalist?

Confirmed that all B/K notifications were sent out via email on Friday, Feb 5 and portals were updated.

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I am also happy for your friends. my friends got 1590 SAT and did not get invitation major biology

Does anyone know if all scholarships are out. I think the only one my son is eligible for is the Presidents Scholarship. We are out of state


Banneker Key C/O 2025 decisions are out!!

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Did anyone who applied RD receive a merit scholarship or honors? Do they ever?

You have to apply Early Action and be accepted for Fall 2021 in order to receive freshmen merit scholarships. I’m not completely sure if the same applies for honors but I believe so. The University Honors website says that invitations are extended in late January/early February. However, you can apply for the Honors College after your first year

Hello all! I am an incoming Banneker/Key Scholar on the full scholarship. UMD has been my dream school since I was about 8 years old, so this was a long time coming. For future incoming classes, I’ve decided to post about my experience.

  • I am in-state and attend one of the best schools in the state.
  • I am considered first-generation as my parents went to college but never graduated.
  • I am also Black (I’m not sure how significant that is but hey)
  • Currently, my cumulative HS GPA is a 4.5
  • I also have a 4.0 at my local community college and I will be coming in with an Associate’s Degree (earning Dean’s List each semester)
  • On the SAT, I received a score of 1320 (690/630)
  • I held a summer job in between my 10th and 11th-grade year.
  • My intended major is Finance
  • 4 recommendation letters
  • 2/3 current ECs
  • 51 SSL hours

From other forums that I have read, UMD seems to place significant value on transcripts, a rigorous course load, and SAT scores (outside of test-optional times).

My interview went fairly well. My interviewers were two women that were on some board for the school. They were friendly and according to past B/K scholars, most of the interviewers are.

I hope this is helpful and I wish all future candidates great luck!


Congratulations to you! My daughter loves being a B/K Scholar. It takes a lot of stress away not to worry about financing college!

I hope that you get to complete a whole four years at UMD, even with your associate’s degree. Is there the possibility of starting graduate courses in those four years? Or spending significant time abroad? Or doing a double major/ double degree?

Anyway, congratulations! I’m not sure that all of your stats are typical, but I know that you will make the most of your opportunities at UMD. I don’t think that the university reads more than the required letters of recommendation, but I’m glad that you had four people willing to go to bat for you!