UMD Class of 2025 - Banneker/Key and other scholarships

I’m starting this thread for all UMD’s scholarships discussion and hopefully provide helpful info for future applicants.

Below are some link to previous scholarship’s discussion:

Banneker Key Nomination 2024

UMD Banneker Key Scholarship and Other Aid - 2019

Here is the link to UMD’s scholarship page:

Also, a very good summary of scholarship from SoofDad:


do i have a chance of getting any merit aid if I wasn’t accepted to the honors college? I got invited to the FIRE program if that counts for anything, and im out of state.

I don’t really know, since UMD does not have the automatic merit offering based on GPA and/or test scores. One thing for sure that they don’t give out lots of merits like other schools and the amount is not much either, except for the Full Ride Banneker/Key.

Good luck.

I think that you would not be eligible for the Banneker/Key Scholarships since you were not selected to the Honors Program, but I think the other merit scholarships are still an option. Here is the link to the UMD Freshman Scholarship Info:

Freshman Merit Scholarships | UMD Undergraduate Admissions

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Does anyone know when information about scholarships will come out?

From UMD: " candidates for merit scholarships will receive an email notification by March 1."

From last year, Banneker’Key invite notification came on on 2/09/20 and they started sending out scholarship email on 2/26/20. So maybe they will follow the same format releasing the B/K invite on second week of Feb and merit email on the last week of Feb.

Good luck !


Thank you so much and good luck to you too!

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my son got invitation today

What form was the invitation in? Was it by email or mail?


Do you see the invite inside your portal too?

Thanks! Are you in-state or OOS?

My son is in state, he can see in portal

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Do all the B/K invites go out at the same time? I’m wondering if no email/portal change tonight means not a candidate. :slight_smile:

One of the statistics of the Bannekar/Key scholarships missing in earlier years’ threads is that 2% of all applicants get the semifinal notification – ie are selected for full or partial B/K scholarship. UMD has about 35000 applicants.

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My friend and I go to the same school. He got a 1400 on the SAT and mediocre ECs while I got a 1520 with pretty decent ECs. He got the scholarship invite over me, so I’m not really sure how they select the top 2% of candidates.

Hmm… 1400 is on the lower end for B/K. Did he apply to a more unusual major? Did you apply to a Limited Enrollment major? B/K isn’t just about stats. If he is your friend, be happy for him!

Oh yeah for sure. I’m super happy for him. He applied for architecture and I applied for CS. We both got our desired majors. I guess architecture is sort of obscure.

Sorry, lots of CS majors gets passed over for Banneker Key. Architecture is a more unusual major.

Has anyone OOS heard back yet?