UMD Financial Aid

<p>I filled out my FAFSA for the colleges that I applied to on the same day, which unfortunately happened to be a week or two after UMD's priority deadline (a huge oversight on my part).</p>

<p>Well I got into UMD, and I'm out of state. My sister will be entering her senior year at VT next year, so my dad will be paying for two kids to go to college. Is it possible that I can still get a decent financial aid package to go to UMD? It's been my dream school, but unfortunately we moved from MD to VA about two and half years ago.</p>

<p>I hope you applied to several IS schools. The P deadline at UMd is big. It’s one of the earliest in the nation, and although there is technically a RD deadline, all the perks that make UMd special are gone by then. The University does not meet “need”, so without a merit scholarship (all gone by now), don’t expect much. :(</p>

<p>Yeah I have a choice of instate schools (Virginia Tech, George Mason, and waitlisted at JMU which was my first choice for IS), but I guess I was hoping that somehow I’d be able to go to UMD.</p>