UMD Smith vs Santa Clara

<p>I've been accepted directly to business at Santa Clara but not directly into business school at Maryland (Letters and Sciences then apply for internal transfer as soph). Both are at the top of my list of schools for different reasons - pros and cons for each. Money/aid won't be a significant factor in the decision (OOS for UMD). Also equally happy if job after college was on the west coast or the east coast since i've lived in both.</p>

<p>Any insight on the risk of going to Maryland but not getting internal transfer into UMD Smith business school? Or any other insight or experience with these schools? If I was direct admit to Smith I'd likely choose Maryland.
Thank You</p>

<p>Internal admit to smith is pretty rough. The magic number may be a 3.5, but still students with weak resumes and no EC's who have 3.8's sometimes don't get accepted............If you really wanna do business, go to santaclara, cause you can only apply to smith once. Let me know if you have any other questions.</p>