UMD Transfer Spring 2021

I don’t think anyone else has made this thread yet (it’s still super early lol), so I’m just gonna make it now.

UMD is my top choice, so I’m probably gonna apply by the August 1st deadline for Early Action and commit if I hopefully get in.

(This isn’t a chance-me, but I’ll provide my stats anyway lol)

GPA: 3.90 at time of application
Out-of-State (New York) transferring from a small private school in New England.
ACT: 31
I’m not submitting my high school transcript because I don’t need to since I have 31 completed credits and also I really just don’t feel like reaching out to my old HS.

hi! im looking to apply to umd as a transfer from also a small private school in new england. i have about 60 credits and do not think i will be providing hs transcript. im very early in the process, so im unsure when I will apply.

Would you be in-state for UMD or out of state?

Hi, I also applied! I was wondering if they had a clearer decision release date. Online it says the end of October but I was hoping for a more specific date/week. Thanks!!

@Collegeseeker24 I have no idea when they’ll come out this year, but last year they started releasing decisions for Shady Grove around October 15 and College Park around the 25th.

Hey! I am attempting to potentially transfer for Spring 2021. I am a college freshman - trying to transfer into finance. I will have to do RD because my first semester grades do not finalize until dec 15. I am wondering if i have a good shot? I have a 4 on AP calculus AB and 1380 SAT score with a 3.84 HS gpa. If i get a 3.5+ gpa for my fall semester - i should gave fairly good chances in getting in as a spring transfer right?

Hey everyone! I’m applying to transfer for spring 2021 as well. I’m applying for information systems with a 3.59 gpa.

We should all be starting to hear back soon!

do you know when

Just got accepted!

Just got accepted! If the letter doesn’t say anything about our major, does that mean we were admitted to directly to it?

Oh wait, I just looked at the bottom of the letter and it says Letters & Sciences :frowning: