UMD Transfers Fall 2021

Hey y’all! I didn’t see a recent thread for people who applied to UMD for the fall 2021 so I figured I’d start one. Does anyone know what day early action decisions are coming out?

Thanks for creating this! Per UMD Admissions twitter, the early action decisions were available last year on 4/17.

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Oh great! I noticed they usually release them on the third Friday of the month so I’m thinking the 16th for this year. If you don’t mind me asking where/ what kind of college are you transferring from?

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Sweet! I am transferring from a cc in Los Angeles. How about you?

I’m transferring from Syracuse University

Hi they said mid-late April

Did you guys apply via Coalition? It says my application is not completed. I called UMD and they said that my materials are there. Does your application say completed on your checklist?

I’m transferring from UMGC (university of md global campus)

Yeah I applied on Coalition and my checklist is complete. Maybe it just takes a few weeks to update

Saw the same message on Coalition and called and they said for transfers it will not say complete for some reason but if they confirmed they have all the materials then you are all good. Confusing not sure why they wouldn’t fix that because it is certainly misleading haha

The suspense is killing me lol

How much longer do we have till the release?

One week I think!

Did anyone apply to Shady Grove?

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no I only applied to college park

We thinking Friday?

I think this Friday or next friday

I’m hoping it’s Friday but if not then the following week

Hi everyone! Just curious, what major(s) did you all apply under and if you all feel comfortable enough what is your current GPA and amount of credits completed? I’m applying for criminology, as of now I have a 3.8 GPA and I will have 34 credits completed after this semester.

Hi, I applied as a public health major. I have a 4.0 gpa right now and I will have 31 credits by the end of the semester. But At the time of the application I applied with 13 credits.