UMiami Class of 2025 - Spring 2022 Admits

I toured UMiami a couple of days ago and talked to an admissions counsellor about the spring admit process. Here’s a couple of things all spring admits should know:
-UMiami will not tell you if your fall community college classes can count as credit until AFTER you take the classes. They have so many spring admits that they can’t tell you before you take a CC class if it’s going to transfer over as a credit. The admissions counsellor I talked to said that if you take general courses like math or English, and their course descriptions are similar to the course descriptions at UMiami then they will most likely transfer over. You could also ask a former spring admit what community college classes they took, and just take the same ones.
-If you enrolled as a spring admit and take community college classes in the fall, make sure you ONLY take “non degree seeking” courses. Only “non degree seeking” community college courses will transfer over as college credit at Miami. Degree seeking courses will not transfer over as credit.
Please reach out to me with any questions, I’m happy to help! I know how hard this process can be!
Hope to see you all on campus next spring :slight_smile:

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How was the school?

I LOVED the school!! The campus was beautiful- it had palm trees, sand, beach areas etc. The campus was also very easy to get around. All the students were outside studying and enjoying the nice weather. The students seemed really engaged in their work. After the tour, I’m really considering the spring admit offer!

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As a parent, I like your way of thinking for the fall semester: community college and working part-time.

One option we may pursue is having our daughter go to a community college in/near Miami and working there part-time. She would be able to meet some fall freshman and get to know the area. However, it is not an inexpensive option because we would have to pay out-of-state community college tuition and housing.


Wait I love this idea so much!! I’m like 90% sure that I’m going to be a spring admit to Miami next year. However, I feel really left out knowing my classmates will be going to college without me for the first semester. Is there a community college in Miami that umiami spring admits attend? I’m also out of state. Please keep me updated because I would love to participate in this


This is very helpful. Thank you!
We are visiting U Miami next week but were unable to get into one of the Admit tours.
I think even as a transfer from an accredited university, not all classes may count for credit. As you said if they have classes with similar course descriptions, most of these will transfer over. So that is a risk with going to any community college but at least one doesn’t lose the momentum of studying.

If we can get in to speak to someone at the University next week, I’ll let you know what Florida/Miami Community Colleges are near-by and accepting fall students.
I’m sure you are already on the instagram thread for Spring Admits. My daughter has “met” so many Spring Admits already and I feel a good percentage are going. She doesn’t seem discouraged at all about being a Spring Admit after meeting so many kids (and they don’t seem discouraged either). They are all happy they got in!
Congratulations, by the way! A Spring Admit may not be perfect, but after the past year we had, I’m not certain what is perfect anymore. I have a freshman at another northeast college (paying full tuition for mainly online classes) but my daughter is happy (my husband, not so much)!

Ahh I didn’t even know there was a spring admit Instagram!! I’m going to join right now! Thank you for the ideas!! And yes please keep me updated on the community college in Miami option, I would love to participate in that! :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind me asking, how is your daughter connecting with spring admits? Just on Instagram, or also on other social media like Facebook? Thank you so much for your help!!

Anyone Pre-med major in spring admits? Just curious how their courses will be determined, since they have to take bio/ Chem is entire year class.

Do you mind sharing the Instagram thread for Spring Admits? Is it an account or #? My son is a Spring Admit but hasn’t accepted yet. We are touring this Sunday. Thanks.

Do you mind sharing the Instagram thread or Facebook page for Spring Admits if you have found it? My son is a Spring Admit but hasn’t accepted yet. We are touring this Sunday. Thanks.

The one i found on instagram is @umiamispring25

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Unfortunately they are letting you figure that out on your own. A little disappointing because I have found a wealth of knowledge/resources on other college websites but nothing on Miami’s. When I spoke to admin, she just said pre-Covid they participated in a program but not now :frowning: We are looking at the gap semester programs by Where There Be Dragons. They have a lot of good options but that is just one of many. It’s a little overwhelming.

Going to Admitted Student Event on campus in a couple of weeks. Has anyone attended yet? Anyone know if they have breakouts for Spring admits? Do they talk about Spring at all?

Editing to update…

Son just received his FA package for Spring.

Let’s just say The U did not even come close to meeting 100% of need…and believe me, we need!

In fact, they missed the mark by over $50,000 (annualized).

Son won’t be attending U Miami.

Good luck to all waiting.

So sorry to hear that. Just to get it straight, they were off by about 12.5K/year from what your EFC is? Still wondering how ‘meets 100% need’ and meets 100% of what they determine your need to be will match up if D gets off the waitlist.

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I’m going to call to clarify. I understand that my FAFSA EFC and their final (FAFSA + CSS) EFC may differ, but our FAFSA EFC is below $5,000 (a couple of really tough years) and it seems like their final EFC for us is around $60,000.

They basically offered him $8,500 in grants on a COA bill of $37,700, for ONE semester.

Maybe a mistake or maybe it was just wishful thinking on our part. Perhaps Spring kids are treated differently.

The NPC I ran a few months ago indicated need-based grant money of over $50,000/yr. This is not even close.

Editing to add: They don’t answer the phone (after 30 mins on perma-hold). And S’s counselor does not seem to answer emails. Maybe a sign. Too bad.

We also got practically no aid. Guess we are going with an option that offered a much better package.

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I luckily received aid but it was a couple grand above my EFC…

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