umich '09?

<p>I recently got accepted to umich, but being an out of state applicant (new york) tuition will be extremely expensive not to mention having to go to the summer bridge program which is about $8000, my mom is worried about me wanting to come home and coming to see me if anything happens. Should I attend or just go to SUNY buffalo. btw my mom makes about 113K</p>

<p>Anonymous, are you an only child or does your mother have other dependents? Is your father in the picture? Is he able and willing to help a little? What are your career aspirations? It is certainly a tough decision you have ahead of you.</p>

<p>my mother has one dependent and my father passed. i am still undecided i want to become a math/economics major but thats for now, but i am leaning towards business.</p>

<p>If you are the only dependent, your mother's income can certainly handle the Michigan tuition, but only you (your mother and yourself) can decide whether or not it is the right course of action. The SUNY schools are certainly respected, so the cost difference is hard to justify. Michigan is obviously better than any of the SUNYs and campus life at Michigan will be significantly better...but is it worth paying 1000s of $$$ more for any degree when the SUNYs are considered respectable? You will have to answer that question on your own. Keep us posted.</p>