UMich 250 word Essay Limit

<p>So for the first supplemental essay on describing your group, the word limit is Approx. 250 words.</p>

<p>I mean, I'm at 407 words right now, so if I can cut down to 330-350ish is that fine?</p>

<p>Its getting very difficult to cut my essay down at this point but I'm doing my best.</p>

<p>Any suggestions would be helpful

<p>300-330 is fine. You don't want to go much over 330.</p>

<p>when i contacted them about it they said they really want you to be under 250 words.. they wouldn't give you a word limit if they were just using it as a guideline.</p>

<p>Mine were 252 and 466. It says 'approximately 250', so there is some room there. I'd say 300 should be your limit. I think the other one definitely should be under 500.</p>

<p>Yup, the admissions officer at a session this fall specifically said he "hoped" that people would keep to the suggested length. He said "you should be able to say what you need to say" with that length. There were a few moans in the crowd as I think the Common App allows longer. Many kids use more words than necessary and/or write in passive so go back, make sure you aren't writing in passive and trim as you said and you should be fine.</p>

<p>The person who visited my school said she didn't really care how long the essays were.</p>

<p>How about 263 words</p>

<p>I forgot to say earlier, but my Commonapp was about 650.</p>

<p>Be as concise as possible. If you have more to say than the word limit while being concise there's nothing wrong, but if you ramble on for 4 pages than yeah, it's too long... Mine was 233 words and the other one was under the limit as well.</p>

<p>Mine was like 270? I got in. As long as every word counts, you're fine, but don't go over 300.</p>

<p>I think for the common app that it has to follow the 500 word rule.
For UM, I think you should ask your territory counselor because it differs for each counselor. Some are like really strict while others are pretty lenient.</p>

<p>Mine was a little lOnger than 300 and I was accepted if that helps at all</p>