UMich and Oberlin Visits Same Day

<p>Is it doable to do a morning visit to Ann Arbor then drive to Oberlin for an afternoon tour the same day?</p>

<p>One hundred and forty miles ... virtually all on good roads. What times are the tours you want to attend? Oberlin at ten and UMich at three probably works. Long day though, and you might be too exhausted to drive home afterward. Something to think about.</p>

<p>Actually, we'll be driving the day before from Chicago. Morning tour at Michigan then head for the 2:30 tour at Oberlin, then try to make it to the airport for a 6 pm flight. It's starting to sound a bit insane, but I'm not familiar with the area.</p>

<p>Yes, you will have good roads and should not be encountering too much traffic (as in, not Detroit traffic, not Cleveland traffic, etc. Oberlin is easy to get to and get around - however, you should stick around Ann Arbor and have lunch at Zingerman's!!!!! (triple yum!)</p>

<p>If you have to return a rental car, will you have more than an hour or so at Oberlin, if the flight leaves at 6PM?</p>

<p>OP - Why not take a later flight? (And if there is no later flight, you might want to consider a more flexible plan. JMHO.)</p>

<p>Yikes. That itinerary sounds very tight. Do I correctly interpret your post to say that you need to get from Oberlin to Chicago for a 6pm flight? O'Hare?</p>

<p>If you're serious about looking at these two schools, I think you're cutting it too close. Just attending an informational session is a "fly-by" approach to visiting. It's good if you can explore the campus and community, too. UMich and Oberlin are two very different choices, as well. If you can alter your plans, I'd say spend some more time at each place. BTW, the Cleveland Airport is about 35 minutes from Oberlin.</p>

<p>mafool- We're driving the day before from Chicago to Ann Arbor, then flying out of Cleveland.</p>

<p>Thanks for all of your thoughtful replies. It seems crazy now that I look at the miles we need to cover. Maybe we'll spend the night in Oberlin and check out Zingerman's in AA.</p>

<p>Zingerman's completely overpriced so you know (but the profit margins are actually slim because the ingredients are very high quality) but it's worth to try at least once. If you're feeling a bit sticker-shocked, then I'd just head over to Amer's on State St. Delicious sandwiches.</p>

<p>Your new plan sounds more reasonable. Michigan is really huge so you're going to want a little time to drive around the campus(es) and walk a bit in Ann Arbor to get a feel for it. I would definitely give about 4-5 hours- campus tour, a little bit of hanging around, and lunch altogether.</p>

<p>We did that exact trip, except flew to Cleveland and drove directly to Ann Arbor, visited there all day, spent the night; then drove to Oberlin in the morning, spent all day and that night there, and flew home the next day. </p>

<p>It is a simple drive from Cleveland to Ann Arbor---all flat roads and not much traffic (we are used to the insane Northeast corridor). I just think you will feel really, really rushed if you try to do all of that in one day. It's possible, but won't be that enjoyable. I would definitely spend the night in Ann Arbor so that you have a full day there and then a full day at Oberlin, flying out of Cleveland that night (you can easily miss a night at the Oberlin Inn :))!</p>

<p>If your son or daughter is interested in Engineering or Music/Theater you must also add time for a North Campus tour/visit at U Michigan, involves shuttle bus. It would be a very significant part of their campus life and important for you to see. U MI is so awesome with A2 being the best college town I would allow much more time. There are just so many must do restaurants and shops in A2.....too hard to narrow down to just one or two....all a matter of taste. Oh yes another not go to U MI first, your s or d may not want to see anything else....for my s.....ever other school on the road trip paled in comparision after the A2 visit.. GO BLUE!!!!</p>

<p>Yes, we'll definitely be looking at the theater department at UM. Any suggestions on hotels? I hear Plymouth Road is close to the school of Music, Dance and Theatre.</p>

<p>yes, the hotels on Plymouth road are close to North Campus. The overall info session and tour will be on Central campus.</p>

<p>During the summer, North campus may seem pretty deserted, but it is not that way during the school year.</p>

<p>This summer when I first saw North jawed dropped by its natural wooded beauty. My son was just so proud to show me the facilities available on this campus. It has it's own library, student center, dorms, fitness center etc. He actually swapped out of a Central campus dorm to live on North Campus....because it is somewhat of a break from the hustle and bustle of Central when you want one (in other words....good place to study). Some kids worry about the whole shuttle bus to Central for many classes especially Freshman year....but it is a matter of opinion. My son has a full time summer job where he gets up at 5:30am and always had a early morning class in high school. I have also heard from students that North Campus has many Freshman living there and they also form a social bond......that others think is only available in Central dorms. Oh by the way, my son had the separate Engineering tour in addition to the Central Campus tour which was on North Campus. We live in Nebraska, and he visited twice...after Sophmore and Junior year. Please write again after you visit....will be curious of your thoughts....have a safe trip and enjoy....these special times pass by way too quickly. My husband said that the college visit boys road trip was the best bonding experience he and son ever had. Regards PS....there is another cc'r on this site that has a music major son at U Michigan named McKrindle if you have any specific questions after your visit....she is always extremely helpful.</p>

<p>We had a great visit to Ann Arbor- great school, great place to visit. I can't imagine trying to visit UM and Oberlin on the same day- wouldn't do justice to either school. I noticed some recommendations for Zingerman's- we ate at their Roadhouse and it was great. Enjoy your travels!</p>

<p>Yes, I completely recommend hotels on near North Campus, on Plymouth Road because they're A LOT cheaper than those south of the stadium, near the mall. By like... $100 difference.</p>

<p>You didn't say what time of year you'll be making this trip - if it's this summer, make SURE you avoid the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Crazy traffic around campus!</p>

<p>Scout - Just checked the art fair schedule and we'll miss it by a few weeks. We're trying to squeeze in a lot of visits into one week in August and trying to find just the right number of schools to avoid burnout.</p>

<p>I think UM requires at least 6 hours to get a good feel for the entire enterprise and town. Oberlin about half that. I split into two days.</p>