UMich Ann Arbor Early Action Fall 2023

Welcome to University of Michigan Early Action for Fall 2023. Ask questions. List your unweighted GPA. Any Sat /Act scores and Ecs. Majors you’re going into etc. We are here to help
Good Luck.


Hello everyone! I am a current Sophomore at the University of Michigan and I am here to ease all your minds and answer all the questions / concerns you may have. I was just like you on the other side and my goal is to help you through this process. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything!! Looking forward to working with all of you.


Hi there,

just submitted my UMich EA common app. quick question, am I allowed to update my portfolio after submittion? thanks so much for your help!

Which portfolio? Ross, Art?

You should contact the department and ask. Typically once submitted with app then your done. If something is specific then send to your AO if it adds value.

ok, I figure that once submitted there won’t be a way to edit yourself. thx!

Good Luck.

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Hi! What I would do is call the Admissions Department and ask. I don’t think you can update it but if it is something that is extremely important, they might be lenient.

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Daughters unweighted GPA 3.9, SAT 1420

-NHS Secretary, volunteer hours ~100
-ABCD (University of Michigan Psychology Study) Youth Advisory Board
-Forensics, Women in Science Club, World Cultures Club

Head Assistant Teacher and Tutor at Kumon, Inc. for 4 years


Instate looks good.

Whats your proposed major?

OOS S has 3.9 uw gpa and 1520 SAT
Self studied AP psych: 5
4 additional AP classes: 5s
Completed college class in Nutrition: A
Applying to kinesiology
Completed personal trainer course and certification exam; works as trainer at local boutique gym
Head volunteer at local community service organization (leads ~35 volunteers)
Research over summer with mentor resulting in 80 page book on weightlifting for teens
Selected for disciplinary committee at school
Ethics bowl participant

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Looks great with everything. It’s competitive program. OOS is always hard. Definitely apply early. Many people get deferred so just follow through with what they ask for. But you do have a chance to be accepted during EA. Good luck!


Why do admission decisions typically come out “end of January” but the application for LSA merit scholarship applications says this:

“The Four-Year Renewable Scholarship Application for the 2023-24 academic year will open on January 15 and will close on April 15.”

I.e, it opens before admission decisions typically comes out. Why?


Out of state - EA applicant
3.9 unweighted

Being advised by my CC not to submit scores despite being above the U of M 50th (which is 1430 I think).

I infer that a number of stronger scores than me at my school are applying EA cycle (their backup to HYP, i assume).

Curious what folks think about submitting 1460 not out of state.

It closes in April meaning people in EA and RD both have a chance at merit.

How’s the rest of your app. Its 32 on Act which lsa is 32-35 avg Act. It doesn’t hurt you at all and don’t worry about someone with a 34/35. It’s only one factor on your app
What is the break down of the subsets? I would submit.


Splits are 740M/720V
Rest of app is good I think. Run a couple of clubs, done some big/lasting volunteer things out of school. Have really worked all of my essays hard. input from English teacher and trusted adults.

Trying to game the stats other kids from my school are applying with is maddening.

UM very popular EA at my school esp as “backup” for selective early action Ivy schools

I’m not a 1500 kid but CC sort of depressed and surprised me when she said to not submit a 1460 when it’s clearly in 50-75th for UofM. I don’t imply CC has any bad will. Just surprised and seems against my instinct if I’m above 50th but CC knows who else is applying and I don’t.

How many kids apply vs getting accepted from your school? Many attempt Michigan as a back up and usually doesn’t go well. It might show in their apps that it is. That won’t hold well for them. Just be you. If your school is more selective you should be fine. Make sure they know you want to be here.

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Also look at the stats of kids accepted and that should be your guide.