UMich Ann Arbor Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

University of Michigan offers Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Early Action (EA) deadline for Fall 2022 admission at UMich Ann Arbor is November 1st.

  • All required items must be received or postmarked by November 1, 2021.
  • Decisions will be released no later than the end of January 2022.
  • Those not able to submit by November 1, 2021, should complete their applications by the following Regular Action deadline as adequate space will remain for their consideration.

For more information visit the University of Michigan page on College Confidential.

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Are you planning to apply early to University of Michigan? Why UMich Ann Arbor? What questions do you have about applying early? Comment in the thread below.

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Will Applying Early Action for Out of state students increase chances of admission to CS major?

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Well, it might. Always apply EA if your ready to apply. Seems that half of Michigan’s class is selected during this phase but you should know. Being deferred is sorta a thing for Michigan, especially for out of state.
Michigan claims it doesn’t but…

Does it take more than 5 days to hear from U much after one applies EA. Just wondering the turn around time.

My D released eight Common App applications on Thursday, including UMich. She received five “thank you for applying” emails between 6a and 4pm today, but nothing from UMich yet. Given the turnaround time for others, I would hope it doesn’t take five days.

Most of the others did say “downloaded by college” as of yesterday but Michigan only flipped to that today. So maybe tomorrow.

I’ll try to remember to update when it arrives.

Is 1510 SAT good enough for admission to Mich Eng?
OOS. Class rank 11/550.
14 AP classes. over 250 hours of ECs in computer science.

It’s enough that the application won’t be discarded based on a test score.

Just that info won’t get a student admitted. GPA, course rigor, essays, and other material all goes into the decision.

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EA apps hear decisions in “late January” per the website. Not sure about the “Thank you for applying” email.

“Good enough,” yes, but in-state versus OOS makes a big difference. Michigan has rejected 4.0/1,600 apps. Essays are critical with Michigan. Even more critical is one’s unweighted GPA.


After applying usually they should send an email with in few days to create UofM ID to check status or add additional info etc… but been more than a week no email from the university.

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A couple weeks. Everything Michigan does is slow.

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“Thank you for applying” email arrived today, from the CA released Friday, so it was 4 days (with a holiday weekend)

5 others arrived Saturday, Ohio State Monday, and Wisconsin is still pending.

If you didn’t receive it today, you might want to contact them.

(edited: some went Thursday, some Friday. M and W were both Friday)

Finishing up Michigan EA ap now. Michigan is my first choice and I’m worried.

What is everyone’s stats?

UW Michigan GPA 3.87
SAT one sitting 1450
Lots of ECs and community service hours / some leadership
Been working on my essays forever!

LSA hoping to transfer to the College of Public Health
UW GPA: 4.0
SAT: 1500- 760 ERW and 740 M
A part of an early college, so I will graduate high school with an associate’s
A decent amount of extracurricular, most with leadership.


Good luck! Is LSA and easier admit than Public Health?

D22 is applying for CS, OOS.

4.0/1st in class of 600
7AP so far, 5 more as a Senior
1580 single SAT
2x AIME, MPfG,

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You have to be a junior to transfer to College of Public Health. The College of Public is for primarily graduate students, but upper level undergrads can transfer to complete a degree in Public Health. I have to start out in LSA or CoE though.

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Hi - D22 is planning to apply to Ross . Quick question - apart from the common app main essay, how many supplemental essays are needed? On common app, Umich page , D22 has seen only two prompts ( what makes you unique/plac ein community and why us/major type). However UMich Ross says 4 essays. Wondering which one we should plan for. Thanks in advance

Ross has a supplemental business portfolio as well. It’s detailed on their website.

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