UMich Band/Orchestra audition

<p>I was wondering if it's worth the time to audition for the University of Michigan's orchestra/band since it holds few spots for pianists (usu. 1 pianist per band/orchestra?)Also it might be too time consuming doing a band and a choir at the same time. The repertoire is Copland Appalachian Spring: Suite (#9-14, #48-51); Mozart (a fast and a slow movement from same or different sonata(s); Strauss Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme: No. 3</p>

<p>Do they let you play the pieces (strauss and copland) with the orchestra? Or just like solo piano (that would be kinda awkard with all the pauses and stuff....) and how fast? (can anyone tell me where I can find a sample video/recording to get a feel of those two pieces? it's hard to find them on YouTube...)
For the Mozart sonata...will they let me play a Haydn one instead since they are in some way similar...?</p>

<p>Also, what does “single screened” mean?</p>