UMich c/o 2025 EA- chance me! LSA

Hiiii. UMich is my dream school. Chance me please.

In state
UW GPA- 3.9 (rigorous private school)
ACT- 31 (Ik it’s kinda low)
ECs: 4 years choir, 2 years audition only regional honors choir, 4 years drama, thespian society member, student leader of my schools middle school theater program, NHS member, church worship leader, Sunday school leader, worked summer jobs, tutor.
Excellent letter of rec from an alumni and an excellent letter of rec from teacher.
Excellent essays- was very specific in “why us”.
I had my counselor contact admissions and let them know I will attend if I’m accepted.
APs- AP Lang, AP Seminar, AP En. Science, AP Eng Lit.
4 years honors math
Lack of APs due to schedule/lack of availability. My school is tiny, not very many classes offered.
Wrote about my passion for learning and overcoming academic difficulties caused by my learning disability.

Retake ACT if possible
GPA is high, but course load looks weak

Not really. Not all schools are the same and offer the same opportunities. Look at Naviance for your school. What is the history with your school sending students to Michigan? What do those scores look like. Michigan will accept other things this year due to kids not being able to take the tests. Look at their admission page for this year.

@liltiger30. Tough year to suggest to retake. Many couldn’t even take it once. There are allowances this year on the admission site.

@Knowsstuff hit the nail on the head. What is your HS’s record of acceptances and yield to UMich? I believe this to be critical.

The 31 is a tad low, yes, but I think it’s still reasonable for an instate app. But, unless I missed it, you didn’t specify to which school (LSA, CoE, Ross, Nursing, Kinesiology, SMTD, etc.) at UMich you’re applying, that’s obviously a big part of the equation.

Be prepared to be deferred EA and patiently hang on during the RD waves on or around 2/1, 3/1 and 4/1. Best of luck.

I’m applying LSA. A girl from my school got into U of M with a 30 ACT last year and similar grades to me.

Then you have a decent shot especially going to a private school. In theory, the instruction is more rigorous. But does this school send more then 1 kid to Michigan? Of course, the more the better.