UMICH engineering college

<p>What are average stats of those that get into the umich engineering school? SATs? gpa? Anything else you want to throw in (like acceptance rate?) Thanks!</p>

<p>the acceptance rate is high (maybe a 40%) but the average stats of those accepted are also high: for 2012 I would say the average ACT is a 31-32 and SAT is a 2000-2100. The average GPA is a 3.9 The college doesn't release specific stats but maybe someone else could give you a better answer.</p>

<p>I was accepted EA to UMich Engineering. I had a 33 ACT, 2270 SAT, and a 3.4 UW (3.7 W) GPA. Also SAT IIs 740 (Math II), 780 (Chem), and 710 (Bio-M). Also had a letter of recommendation from a Michigan math professor, because I did the MMSS program.</p>

<p>Obviously I'm only one person, but just in case GPA happens to be your worry or whatever, I thought I'd throw in that I was accepted with a low GPA.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure they have about the same admissions standards as the other faculties, but they'll just place more emphasis on your math and science courses/grades.</p>

<p>Based on the "Entering Undergraduate Student Characteristics for Fall of 2010" as reported by the College of Engineering.</p>

<p>The median ACT is 31
The median UW GPA is 3.9
The median SAT (CR + M) is 1410
The acceptance rate is 52%</p>