UMich Fall 2021 Transfer

Thread for Fall 2021 UMich transfer.

I’ll be applying relatively soon. Currently a sophomore at MSU with 37 credits. I’ll be applying to LSA - Computer Science


College GPA - 3.94

High school GPA - 3.6

ACT - 29


  • Software Engineer Internship last summer at Silicon Valley tech startup
  • Currently working as software engineer for entrepreneurship institute
  • ACM
  • Spartan Hackers
  • MHacks
  • Stanford Summer College CS classes
  • Volunteer work every Sunday at local Temple
  • Computer Science silver medalist in Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) competition
  • Built startup tech company in high school that got $1000 funding
  • Semi finalist for National Geographic breakthrough challenge explaining the speed of light
  • And a few other things

I am applying for LSA Communication & Media Studies. I am a sophomore at UConn with 41 credits. I have already submitted my application for fall 2021.

College GPA: 3.9
High school GPA: 2.7
2 strong letters of rec


  • English tutor
  • Communication club
  • Digital media co-coordinator for a human rights club
  • Published essay
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Hi there!

I am currently a freshman applying to transfer for the fall 2021 semester. I got a really bad ACT score in high school and I was wondering if I have to add my score on my Common App? I sent an email to my adviser who said that Michigan has my test scores on file. When I looked at the requirements for transferring, I saw that the ACT/SAT is optional. Does that mean that I can click the “I Am Not Adding Any Standardized Tests”? Sorry if I am asking a lot of questions.

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I’m a freshman (on sophomore standing) at Wayne State University and will be applying for LSA Sociology. Although I currently have 30 transferrable credits, I will have 51 by Fall 2021.

College GPA - 3.88
High School GPA (UW/W) - 3.875/4.28
SAT - 1340

Good luck to everyone applying!!!

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The ACT/SAT is optional so yes, you can choose to not add a score :slight_smile:

Thank You!

HEY! anyone know what documents we should submit and where?

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Hey guys, I’m about to submit my transfer app for fall 2021, does anyone know if LSA is rolling and how long it usually takes to find out?

what documents have u submitted? im so confused :frowning:

I don’t know if the same requirements apply to you, but for reference I’m an international student applying from outside the United States.
I had to submit:
College transcripts
High school transcripts and proof of graduation
And an English proficiency score.

Hi! I asked a counselor I’ve been in contact with and they said since I submitted everything (before high school early admissions I assume) I am likely to hear back before the end of January. For reference I submitted in late October

I submitted just college and high school transcript. Letters of Rec and test scores are optional

Submitted my application on Jan 9, materials received on Jan 13. I am anxiously waiting for a decision now lol - best of luck to everyone!

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good luck to you too! i’m in the same position of being nervous but excited (:

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I thought there was one set date and no rolling date?

Btw, has anyone received an email from Michigan talking about completing a 2021-2022 CSS profile for need-based grants? I have never heard of this before.

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on other threads people receive their decision at different times

btw update i emailed admissions and i got a different point of view saying they haven’t even started looking at transfer apps yet since theyre focusing on early acceptances :confused: so i guess we wont be hearing back about anything until after early acceptance prospective freshmen hear

Wow. My older sibling applied for a fall transfer two years ago and got accepted in 5 days. I guess we will be waiting for a while

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Yeah I have. its basically the mini version of FAFSA for Umich. There’s a website indicating if your parents make a certain amount and assets your tuition will automatically be decreased. Here’s the link. This is required from UMICH since they need to know how much your parents make if you want to get college cheap, especially if you’re out of state. I’m in-state and since my parents make less than 125K, 66% of my tuition is automatically discounted so i’d be paying around 5K-6K ish. I would highly recommend doing this ASAP