UMich Fall 2021 Transfer

Congratulations! I still didn’t receive any update information form UMSI, can I ask your received your offer by email or check on application web? Thank you!

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Hi everyone! I am currently attending MSU and I’m looking for a change. I was not happy at MSU for various reasons and I have always wanted to attend U of M’s nursing school. I have also taken classes at WCCCD to be eligible for the transfer program. I have applied to start Summer 2021. Anyone have similar stats or can tell me how good my chances are? Thank you!

High school stats: 3.7 GPA, 26 ACT (I believe they are not really looking at standardized test scores)
MSU Stats: 40 credits for my first two semesters, my first semester I got a 3.83
MSU extracurriculars: I am part of NSA and Circle K
Experience: I am a volunteer at Beaumont hospital and I participate/organize blood drives
Transfer essay: I believe they are pretty strong. I talked about a very personal experience and how it shaped who I am.
Demographics: 19, Caucasian, Female

I was rejected lol, good luck to everyone still waiting!

I havent… have you yet?

Do you guys think the rest of the decisions are coming out tomorrow 4/9?

I hope!!! I have been so anxious…
Is anyone applying for the nursing school?

Is it that the longer we have to wait, the better chance we have if getting rejected ? :confused:

Through email! I wasn’t expecting it whatsoever! The e-mail header is along the lines of “Congratulations! You’re Admitted to the University of Michigan School of Information!”. I got my acceptance at 6 pm, which I found a really strange time! When did you apply?

Has anyone heard from school of Kines? They asked for a course report a month ago and said decisions will be out end of March.

Anyone get a decision today?

Nope, I really thought they were coming out today too :slightly_frowning_face:. Now I am wondering what is considered “Early April.”

I’m really upset. I was counting on today:/. Maybe a little later today they can come? Who knows.

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I applied on Jan 31.

did you guys send in ur AP scores using college board?

They will ask you to send your official score at some point, and they will contact you. The admission officer told me that do not send my official score until further notice.

Is there a discord link for transfer students?

hmmm ok! I applied on Jan 30th, so you should hear back soon!

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hey guys! i was accepted to LSA about 2 weeks ago and i have a question about the deposit.
Do you know if it is possible to delay the deposit deadline? I’m still waiting to hear back from some of the schools and I was wondering if I should just pay the deposit and withdraw from it if accepted to another school if this is possible? The other results come out in May and the deposit deadline is 5/1 :confused:

they changed the ddl to 5/21 I think