Umich Greek Life

<p>Any comments on greek life at the university of michigan?</p>

<p>the administration doesn't like the greek system, so it's pretty restricted-as in if you want to party at fraternities you have to be in one. They are good however for meeting alot of people and events like greek week and intramurals. The university has a strong anti hazing program, so many of the hazing fraternities (and even a sorority) have been kicked off campus.</p>

<p>It isn't exactly true that the administration doesn't like the greek system - it's just that many of the worst drinking incidents and hazing incidents have been associated with fraternities. In fact, the University's approach to the greeks is pretty hands off - they try to encourage them to behave appropriately, but they don't get terribly involved. This is partly for legal reasons - they don't want the liability. It's also not the case that a lot of fraternities have been kicked off campus. There is one sorority where the national organization revoked the chapter - this is the first time a sorority has closed for other than low enrollment. There were a couple fraternities that got kicked off this year - but at least one of those was again the national organization pulling the local chapter. I have never heard that if you want to go to a frat party you have to be in a frat.
There are all kinds of frats. Really good ones that generally behave themselves and do a lot of community service. And really bad ones that don't. It's my impression that living in a frat house - which is primarily a sophomore thing - isn't necessarily a fun experience. The older members tend to live in apts, and use the frat house for parties - so it's not exactly conducive to studying. That doesn't seem to stop people from joining frats. There's a big greek scene, but it doesn't dominate campus life by any means. Sororities are a lot tamer - generally.</p>

It isn't exactly true that the administration doesn't like the greek system


<p>I would disagree. Banning kegs, booting chapters off campus, listening to "hazing complaints" etc from students who fell out with their brothers/sisters and were complaining as a way to carry out a personal vendetta and get them investigated (and usually disciplined).</p>

<p>While I was there on my campus tour the guide told us that at the frat parties each brother is allowed to bring two guests</p>

<p>Mary Sue Coleman hates anything associated with Greek Life. That is a fact. Ask anyone who goes to University of Iowa.</p>

<p>School would be so much better off w/o Mary Sue, but that's another thread.</p>

<p>Given the lack of University housing and the exorbitant rates charged for the private rat holes around campus, I do think the U realizes that the fraternities/sororities serve a useful purpose as far as providing housing. Some of the chapter houses are in great locations. My old fraternity is just across Hill Street from the business school, two blocks to the UGL (Do they still call it the UGLI?).</p>

<li>Which chapters were booted off the campus by the administration?
Alpha Tau Omega closed by alumni, Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority closed by national organization, Sigma Alpha Epsilon was suspended by the Interfraternity Council... I don't the the University even has the authority to pull a chapter. </li>
<li>The hazing investigation was conducted by the University - and penalties were determined by the national organizations. IMO - it was all pretty tame. </li>
<li>Banning kegs? The rule that people have to bring their own alcohol to frat parties was instituted by the Interfraternity Council, which is a student run organization, not the administration.
I don't think you understand how fraternities are related to the University and how the IFC governs frats.</li>

<p>They definitely still call it the UGLI. </p>

<p>The cost of living in the fraternity house is a real bargain compared to off campus housing. Heck, it's even a bargain compared to living in the dorms.</p>

<p>I suggest if you're considering a fraternity (I know nothing about sororities) that you do your research. Look up which are involved in fund raising. See which are very active in intramural sports. I believe they even publish somewhere the average GPA of the members. Find something that suits you. Don't, however, hold it against a fraternity if they were kicked off campus 10 or 20 years ago. The membership does change every four years.</p>

<p>And I agree that this administration is not a real fan of Greek Life. Neither is the Michigan Daily.</p>