UMich Unique..

<p>What all is there at University of Michigan that is unique to it? Anything that one wouldn't know unless one attended the school? Something that would make one want to apply to the school, something great.</p>

<p>Can't really think of anything so greatly unique that would make someone jump to apply, but: Zingermans, Blimpie Burger, and lax marijuana laws (if you're a smoker) are all nifty little perks of coming to Umich. Great school, great environment, but I don't think there's one amazingly unique thing that no other schools have to be the driver in making someone want to apply. JMHO</p>

<p>Well it doesn't have to be that unique. It could be the amazing design of some new hall or the fact that the library has some kind of rule that allows people to stay there until like 12 at night or something. :) I just need to find something that I can put in my application essay when I talk about what attracted me to Umich because I will not be able to visit as I am an international and have a summer job that lasts 8 weeks.</p>

<p>the law library! Without question the most beautiful building on campus. It's open until 2am most nights I believe (though I don't remember -- I blocked those nights out). The </p>

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<p>(just google michigan law library)</p>

<p>The UGLI is open all night, btw.</p>

<p>The Ross building is amazing. Very modern design and its amenities are very very cool. </p>

<p>The Grad stacks are cool. </p>

<p>Football saturdays are unlike anything else. EVERYONE is hyped up (even when there really is no reason to be) and the walk to the stadium is CRAZY! </p>

<p>Those are what come to mind immediately.</p>

<p>"The UGLI is open all night, btw."</p>

<p>Are you sure? I'm pretty sure it's not, except for maybe during finals. I know I've been there before 8 am and it's been closed.</p>

<p>Only during finals. Closed from 4-8 I want to say.</p>

<p>yeah my bad. it closes for like 3 or so hours so they can clean it. I cant stand the UGLI so my experience is limited.</p>

<p>In my opinion, one of the qualities of Michigan makes it unique is its well-roundedness. I honestly believe it is the most well rounded university in the nation. For example:</p>

<p>1) Michigan is one of two universities (the other one being Stanford) to have top 10 professional programs in Business, Engineering, Law and Medicine</p>

<p>2) Michigan is one of fewer than 10 universities to be ranked among the top 20 in every single "traditional discipline", which includes Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Classics, Computer Science, Economics, English, Geology, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.</p>

<p>3) Michigan has very strong speciality programs, such as Architecture (top 10), Dentistry (top 5), Music (top 5), Nursing (top 5), Pharmacy (top 5), Public Affairs (top 10), Public Health (top 5), Social Work (top 5)</p>

<p>All of those top departments form a unique and vibrant intellectual community where students and scholars can pursue their academic craft to the highest level.</p>

<p>4) Michigan has one of the top 10 university-owned hospitals in the US</p>

<p>5) Michigan has one of the 10 largest library systems in the US</p>

<p>6) Michigan's endowment, which now stands at $6 billion, is the 6th largest among US universities, behind just Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton and MIT</p>

<p>7) Michigan has produced more Fullbright scholars than any university in the nation</p>

<p>8) Michigan is 10th on the list of universities that have produced the most billionnaires</p>

<p>9) Michigan is 9th on the list of universities that have produced the most executives at major Private Equity Firms</p>

<p>10) Michigan has a top 5 Football tradition (we're down now but should be back on track in the next 2-3 years) and the largest football stadium in the nation</p>

<p>11) Michigan has a top 5 Hockey tradition and one of the liveliest and funnest Ice Hockey arena atmospheres in the nation</p>

<p>12) Michigan is strong in most sports and generally finishes among the top 5 in the Director's Trophy race most years.</p>

<p>13) Ann Arbor is one of the quaintest, funnest and coolest college towns in the nation</p>

I just need to find something that I can put in my application essay when I talk about what attracted me to Umich


<p>So, to the OP, don't pretend you've been to the school if you haven't and don't name a single = lame reason to apply. Just tell them WHY YOU -- specifically you -- think Michigan would be a good fit for you.</p>

<p>I think having an arboretrum so close to campus makes it pretty kickass. In my first few weeks of school I had to wade out into the middle of the river with my geography professor for a lab. Freezing my ass off all the way back to East Quad and the look on my roommate's face when I came in the door will be memories that stick. lol.</p>

<p>You don't need to visit to write an essay about that, I hadn't visited and I managed simply by doing internet research about my program.</p>

<p>What is the "John R. and Georgene M. Tozzi Electronic Business and Finance Centre" in the Ross building?</p>

<p>^Room with a bunch of computers, two Bloomberg machines; they run some trading sims for Ross classes in it</p>

<p>Wow. Now that is actually something I would love.</p>

<p>Would you say that the buildings on the campus successfully merge heritage (older buildings) with modern technology (newer buildings)?</p>

<p>I drove by North Hall yesterday. Looks great!</p>