Umich vs cmc vs upenn for econ

I absolutely love all of these schools and I intend to study economics in college. Students across these schools have a work hard, play hard mindset, which is a huge draw for me. Which school would be the best choice for me as I’m not sure if I want to go into law school (corporate law) or investment banking?

I also know that Mich has Ross and Penn has Wharton, so I’m afraid of limited recruitment spots as I’d be studying in LSA and CAS. It seems like I can’t really compete with the business majors, but transferring into the business school will be extremely competitive.

How can you say no to Wharton …
(Assuming Michigan is OOS … and all schools roughly equivalent in cost)

The combination of quality of education, peers, connections, name, Wharton easily takes
the cake out of those 3 …

Unfortunately I didn’t consider a career in finance until after I applied to these schools, so I applied to UPenn’s college of arts and sciences. I would try to transfer into Wharton, but that’s not an easy task so I’m worried about how far an economics degree from CAS can take me.

Assuming there are no financial issues, please go to Penn. Michigan is great, but ivy’s are life-changing. Note I strongly prefer the UG business major and still feel this way.

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Econ at CAS will still be fine … Please go to Penn

Economics majors do well at Penn — competitive to Wharton for analyst positions with investment firms and consulting companies.

I’ll “swim upstream” here and say CMC for “quality of life” and wearing shorts and flip flops for 4 years all year round.

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if the choice was between CMC and Michigan :slight_smile: sure

Have you been accepted to these 3 schools?

If the choice were between Penn and Michigan, I’d pick Michigan.

Ann Arbor is a better college town.

And UMich is Top 10 in 45 LSA departments, not including CoE, Ross, Nursing, etc. AND they have the #3 ranked b-ball team in country. Final Four, baby! :wink:

Oh, and they have the #1 ranked recruiting class for next year.

Details, details, details. :smiley:

How can you not pick Donnie’s almamataaa???


Ann Arbor is a great town!!! But we shall differ in our opinions re:school

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How much would each cost
(tuition, fees, room, board) -(scholarships, grants) =…
and where would the money come from?

Penn is obviously a great school. I’m sure most applicants would choose Penn.

As I mentioned, I choose to “swim upstream.” I really prefer college towns, because everything revolves around the university and often sports.

And I definitely prefer the weather here in CA. My D21 is the midst of hearing her answers from various CA unis, but as of right now, she’s headed to Cal Poly SLO, which is a gorgeous college town. Just depends on what you want out of life.

Serious question, what is the internal transfer rate to Wharton? Last I read, the internal transfer rate to Ross is 51%.

I’ve been accepted to Michigan LSA through ea and I’m waiting on CMC and UPenn regular decision. My counselor has told me that I’m competitive for both, so fingers crossed!

also only 3 ppl from my school have applied to CMC and they always take one kid from previous years. i’m hoping it’ll be me this time :slight_smile:

each would cost from 50k to 60k every yr. a part of me would rather go to my state school for 20k but my parents said they are willing to finance my 4 yrs. i don’t even think college is worth that much but it is what is lol

i called the school yesterday and they said they save ~125 spots for internal transfers and in 2020, around 450 applied. that doesn’t seem too bad but then again, i’m competing against brilliant applicants.

i also saw that lsa students have an average starting salary of 50k. idk if i’m willing to take that risk of not getting into ross. the idea of making 50k after spending 60k each year makes me wanna cry lol

I wouldn’t obsess too much about b-schools.
Finance is really math with fluff sprinkled on it.
If you do math+econ in LSA/CAS and a couple
electives from b-schools (easier done at Penn I believe)
and you’ll be in a tip-top shape.

Here are the details on the internal Ross transfer numbers (36.6% acceptance rate last year): BBA U-M Transfer Applicant Brochure | Michigan Ross

You might consider a minor in business at Ross, if you can’t transfer in. It could be a good option to have. I don’t think Penn publishes internal Wharton transfer numbers, I’m not even sure if they open up any spots after freshman year, or if the only open spots would be from transfers out.

CMC and Penn are likely going to have very low acceptance rates in RD, but you will know soon enough. Good luck.


If you’re looking at just the hard numbers only, then your cheaper state school is likely your best option.