Umich vs GATECH vs UIUC vs CMU

My son got admitted to Carnegie, university of Illinois Urbana, Georgia Tech and University of Michigan, he wants to do material science and engineering and we have in state tuition from UOM. Considering no tuition barrier which one would we choose?

They are all excellent. I would go for the most affordably option, and if cost is not a concern, I would go for fit.

For material science/engineering, Michigan and UIUC are tops. But, given all of the state financial problems in Illinois, I would choose Michigan.

Thanks appreciate the quick response… with instate tuition from UOM… we are inclining towards UOM… however still exploring if any other ones are better fit.

Thanks appreciate the quick response any idea which is better for research in Nano material technology?

Even if money is not an issue, saving $100k is good, right?

All four of these schools are very good in STEM, but Michigan is probably the strongest overall academically. About half of the classes he takes will be outside of his major, and that breadth is what provides the rounded education of an individual. Michigan is the strongest of these four, overall, in non-STEM areas.

So getting the best all-around education at a large discount, in a great college town and environment, makes Michigan, in my opinion, an easy choice. Unless he really doesn’t like it. (which is always a possibility)

As the lone private school here, I would be remiss not to mention the (likely) better academic support and slightly smaller classes at CMU. But it is not better academically, per se, so I still don’t think it’s worth six figures more than Michigan.

I sincerely appreciate the response

no problem. These are all really good schools, so if he develops a decided favorite, you can feel confident that he’ll receive a great education and if he is dillingent, some good job offers. If he doesn’t develop a strong favorite, Michigan is the best play due to the savings and overall academic prowess.