UMich vs Other schools

<p>So I was just admitted to Michigan last Friday which I am absolutely pumped about. However I still plan on going through with the RD process for a number of schools.</p>

<p>Here are the schools that I have applied to/will be applying to and still waiting on decision notification:
NYU Stern
Georgetown McDonough
UC Berkeley
WashU Olin
USC Marshall
BC Carroll</p>

<p>As you can pretty much tell I'm planning on pursuing Business and/or Economics. While Ross obviously trumps many of the other programs I'm applying to, I'll have to apply after my freshman year and there is no guarantee that I will get in (I applied preferred-admit, which is ridiculously competitive from what I heard). Assuming that Ross is not a guarantee for me, how does UMich Econ stack up against these other schools in terms of academic quality, recruiting, and reputation?</p>

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<p>Are you instate for Michigan? If so, go to Ann Arbor. It will more than likely cost less and you will be able to enjoy the total college experience. Michigan is strong in econ and just about any other major that is offered.</p>

<p>For recruiting purposes: NYU Stern, Georgetown McDonough, USC Marshall>Emory Econ, Michigan Econ, UCLA Econ, UCB Econ, BC Carroll and WashU Olin</p>

<p>For education purposes: Michigan, UCLA and UCB>all the undergraduate business programs</p>

No, unfortunately I am not, otherwise I could easily eliminate a good number of schools from my list. Also my economic status would preclude me from many monetary aid opportunities, so that complicates my preferences even more.</p>