Umich vs. Udel Honors

<p>Ive been accepted to both the university of michigan and the honors program of the university of delaware. Without being too specific, i am not too concerned with school size, the climate, or the social scene. Im more interested in what each school has to offer academically. How significant is an honors program? Is it easier to get internships and to have more intimate relationships with professors? Additionally, coming out of one of these schools which is more reputable and impressive for graduate schools and/or employers. I'm beginning as a history major, but looking into business/economics or maybe pre-law. Michigan will cost ~40k and delaware will cost ~25k. Any help is much appreciated.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance everyone</p>

<p>Academically and reputationally, Michigan is stronger than Delaware. However, you would save $60,000 over four years if you attend Delaware, and that is a hefty chunk of change. </p>

<p>Is money an issue or are your folks well off? If money is an issue and you are either intending on majoring in History or going into Law school, I would recommend Delaware. </p>

<p>On the other hand, if money is not an issue, obviously go to Michigan. </p>

<p>Finally, if you are intending on majoring in Business and hitting the work force right after graduation, I would seriously recommend Michigan over Delaware, assuming you won't have to break the bank to attend Michigan. </p>

<p>That's definitely a tough decision.</p>

<p>^ I second Alexandre's opinion.</p>

<p>ok thank you very much. such a tough decision. Where would an IU possibly Kelley for around 20k fit in? would that be a good middle ground maybe?</p>

<p>^ Definitely! IU would be a top choice of mine if that's the case.</p>

<p>I agree with UCBChem. IU would be a no-brainer. Indiana has a gorgeous campus, is located in a quaint and fun college town, has friendly and well-grounded students and a top ranked Business school. </p>

<p>However, in a couple of niches (specifically IBanking, Management Consulting and West Coast Techs), Michigan has a marked advantage over IU. That is something to consider, although probably not worth the price difference unless the OP's parents are really weel off.</p>

<p>thanks again guys. I love IU, my mom actually went there. It's a beautiful place. I'm having a really hard time turning down Mich though! Its top 25 overall. I dont know if i can say no to that. Mich seems to be always regarded as a second tier school, after the Ivies etc. Indiana isn't. Or is it? Is Indiana significantly better academically than delaware</p>

I'm having a really hard time turning down Mich though! Its top 25 overall. I dont know if i can say no to that. Mich seems to be always regarded as a second tier school, after the Ivies etc. Indiana isn't.


<p>While UMich has a more prestigious reputation, that's not to say you won't get a similar education at IU or Delaware.</p>

<p>Personally, I would choose IU and save some money. It has an excellent business program. Or if you want to major in history or econ, it would be a good choice as well. UMich might be worth the premium, IF you get into Ross and are a top student. The recruitment opportunities out of Ross are better than Kelley, especially for the niches Alexandre mentions above. But, since you're unsure at this point of your future goals (as you should be given your young age) I would go to the school that provides the best education for the least money.</p>

<p>I agree with UCBChemEGrad. Debts are quite possibly the worst possible thing one can have coming out of college.</p>

<p>Michigan v. Delaware</p>

<p>At least you won't be able to base your decision based on which football team's helmets you prefer.</p>

<p>^ LOL...I was going to say that. </p>

<p>It's funny, those football unis are nearly identical. Choose your division FBS or FCS...</p>

<p>hahah yea that helps me out. Sorry for all these questions, you guys are really helping me out. How would it look to say a Law School or some other graduate school if i came out of Mich as a history major compared to coming out of IU as a history major?</p>

<p>^ Law school is going to weigh your GPA and LSAT scores more than the reputation of your undergrad college.</p>

<p>For that matter, the difference in reputation between Indiana and Michigan for history is likely negligible.</p>

<p>Save your money for law school.</p>

<p>Fall 2007 Freshman class sizes of 7,198 (I.U.); 5,600 (U.M.); 5,571 (WI), 3,592 (DE); & 3,419 (PITT). Fall 2007 Total undergraduates of 30,394 (I.U.); 28,999 (why not call it 29,000? - WI); 25,555 (U.M.); 17,208 (PITT) & 15,318 (DE) and don't forget to count the graduate students on every corner.</p>

<p>you guys have helped me so much. thanks a lot. Although im still hesitant to turn down a school like Mich, i am now very excited about weighing in IU as a major option. Thanks alot</p>