UMich Winter 2024 Transfer

I’m going to start this off I guess. I’m an LSA applicant, applying for either cs/data science or Econ. Wish us all good luck, and yes Ik its a bit early but its less than a month away.

3.6 CC GPA
50 Credits

I haven’t received my enrollment connect account access yet from umich

Even though I submitted the app 1-2 weeks ago

Wishing everyone here the best of luck. Michigan is a fantastic school! My daughter transferred as a sophomore from Northeastern and is now a junior. She could not be happier about her decision.

If someone finds this thread after decisions come out, she is hoping to study abroad in the spring (post football season!) and is looking to sublet her room. She lives with all transfer students and has found that the transfer community is really tight knit.

Good luck everyone and please let know if you find yourself looking for a place to live in the spring. Fingers crossed for you!

Applying from UM-Dearborn
3.46 GPA- This includes grades from UM-Dearborn and my CC
66 credits
Does anyone know how retakes are evaluated? Does U OF M average the two grades?

Probably a weird situation, Applying from MSU


Applying for LSA Econ and Math

I have 110 credits because I came in with a lot of credit, basically went through a another major and changed it, its going to take me another 1.5 years to graduate lol

Mainly trying to transfer because of a very personal reason, UM math is also extremely rigorous in prep for grad school. Since it will take me longer to graduate here anyways I figure that I can spend more time at UMich to graduate. I think more time in school would be good for me to figure out exactly what I want/

I was rejected last time for having too many credits, I’m hoping they are able to look past it this time around but my hopes are not high.

Good luck everyone!

They haven’t started downloading applications yet. I assume they’ll download them either later this month or early October.

they downloaded mine

Call /email the transfer office now. If you had too many credits last time and nothing has changed the result won’t be different. Explain to them what your hoping to do.

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When did they download it and when did you apply?

Applied 09/08 they downloaded 09/14 and portal access on 09/16

My situation has changed and I have made sure to let them know accordingly in both my application and by emailing them. I appreciate you looking out!

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Good luck.

Thank you!

Could you share your GPA and total number of completed credits?